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Nhà mái bằng 2 tầng đẹp chữ L 800 triệu HOT VN năm 2021

A beautiful 2-storey flat roof model designed according to the architecture of a 1-ground 1-floor 3-bedroom tube house. Designed to be built on land with a street frontage of 10m wide and 21m long, the construction cost is about 800 million. There is an L-shaped courtyard, please refer to the advice article below as well as information

Bang Bang 2 is beautiful 2019
Picture of a 2-storey L-shaped flat roof house with beautiful 8m frontage 3 bedrooms with large modern open courtyard Ms. Lam Bien Hoa

=>> In addition, our company also constantly updates the design documents beautiful house 2 floors Thai roof. Latest 2021 update, modern neoclassical style is available in any style

Information on the design of a 2-storey house with a frontage of 10m, flat roof street frontage

Model of 2-storey house with price of 800 million 1 ground floor 1 floor is designed according to L-shaped architecture. Drawn and built for the current family of 4 members. Lam Hao and his brother have been in the same class since childhood. Married, the husband and wife gave birth to 2 beautiful girls. Because in the Central region to set up a business, the economy is still difficult. Need to build a 2-storey house with 800 million simple architecture, flat roof. Firmly build the rough and frame in advance. The interior is slowly finished

Beautiful L-shaped 2-storey house model
Model of 2-storey house with flat roof, modern house design area 8x12m, frontage 10m, perspective angle 2
  • Modern L-shaped 2-storey house design project
  • Investor: Ms. Lam
  • Year of birth 1987 – Dong Tu Trach house is inclined towards the South – East – Southeast direction
  • Address: Quarter 4, Trang Dai Ward – Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai
  • Total land area 210m2
  • Construction area: 8x12m
  • Simple, modern and cheap 10m wide tube house architecture
  • High Architectural Design
  • Updated construction design year, construction price 850 million 2021
  • Construction time 4 months
  • Estimated construction cost of 850 million finished raw parts is over 1 billion VND

Request to build a 2-storey house of 800 million to save the most

In October last year. After receiving the request to build a 2-storey house 800 million. In Dong Nai on the land with a 10-meter-wide frontage of Ms. Lam Bien Hoa. In which, her request needs to build a beautiful 2-storey flat roof house. For the most economical with a fairly normal level of materials. Functional requirements to use the design according to the year of birth in 1987 include:

The space on the ground floor of the house is 600 million, designed in the Southeast direction

  • The living room space is large enough
  • The open kitchen space is designed in the back
  • The ground floor has 1 shared bathroom
  • The couple’s bedroom has a self-contained WC
  • There is a large front yard for cars
  • Mini swimming pool for 2 girls
Building a 2-storey house with 600 million roofs bnag82
Perspectives on building a 2-storey house with 800 million roofs with rough construction for Ms. Lam

Floor plan for building a storey house includes:

  • A common room combined with Karaoke
  • 1 large bedroom for 2 girls about the same age with self-contained toilets
  • 1 spare bedroom for parents in Ha Tinh to come and play sometimes
  • 1 shared bathroom
  • The plan to go to the tum floor has a separate worship room on the top
  • Balcony with romantic view

Modern beautiful 2-storey flat roof design message

After conducting on-site survey and re-appraisal of the land before designing a beautiful modern 2-storey flat roof house on the land 10m wide, 21m long behind for the family. With the construction cost of a 2-storey house, the price is 800 million. Architects of New Beautiful House design and construction joint stock company, we advise on house design 8x12m. That is, the floor area is about 85m2 to 90m2. Architecture of 2-storey house with 10m frontage, modern flat roof house style

L-shaped 2-storey flat roof house 600 million VND
A beautiful modern 2-storey flat roof model with 3 large bedrooms, the perspective of a bird’s-eye view

Materials for building a 2-storey house with a frontage of 10m and a roof of 850 million parts

Because the cost of building a 2-storey house of about 800 million is too modest while the current price of materials is high. So the architect of the New Beautiful House construction company advised to build the foundation and the wall of the house with a 2-storey flat roof. Certainly with the best materials. Later it is possible to raise the floor without breaking the specific architectural structure

  • Ha Tien Cement 1
  • Vietnam Japan Iron and Steel
  • Ton Hoa Sen
  • One-way ice claw
  • Dong Tam Brick
  • Dong Nai sand…
  • Other costs incurred

Interior materials for building a 2-storey flat roof house are quite good like

  • Vinh Tuong skeleton plaster ceiling
  • Floor tile size 600×600 good level
  • Wall tiles are synchronized with the same brand
  • Aluminum glass doors
  • Good level sanitary ware
  • Putty, primer coating Viet My is quite good..
  • Wiring system, Led lights, water, septic tank, solar energy..

A beautiful and simple 2-storey L-shaped house with a construction cost of about 800 million parts. The roof is designed according to the architecture of a cheap 8m wide tube house with an emergency exit to the terrace. The drawing of a 2-storey townhouse with a flat roof makes use of some old materials and good soil, so it saves a good amount of money.

Drawing of 2-storey flat roof house 90m2
Ground floor drawing of 2-storey flat roof house design 8x12m L-shaped 85m2 built on land with street frontage 10m wide, 21m deep, leaving front yard

Floor plan of 2-storey flat roof house 8x12m overall 1st floor campus

Beautiful 2-storey flat roof model designed backwards. Outside, the frontage is 10m wide, leaving a corner of 27m2 for future business purposes. The remaining 4m left is the entrance for cars. Dimensions of the ground floor modern flat roof house are as follows

  • Living room furniture: 18.2m2
  • Couple bedroom 14.6m2
  • Kitchen and dining table left corner 16.5m2
  • Shared bathroom: 4.2m2

Interior space of modern 2-storey flat roof house

The upper floor of the simple 2-storey house model has a tempered glass balcony surrounding the facade that can stand and enjoy the scenery flexibly. Balcony designed to race out 1.3m. Spacious 2 bedroom design space on the outside and left corner. The 2nd floor common room is designed next to the stairs leading to the top worship room. With such a room layout plan is not to let the bedroom overlap the kitchen below. Standard feng shui. Dimensions of the sample rooms of the 2-storey L-shaped roof house 8x12m are as follows

  • Bedroom 2 right corner L-shaped 13.2m2 wide with self-contained WC
  • Common room 13.2m2
  • Bedroom 3 18m2
  • Shared bathroom 4.2m2
Drawing of a 2-storey house with a roof of 600 million VND
Enlarged drawing of the space size of the 2nd floor of the house with a flat roof, 1 ground and 1 floor, Ms. Lam

The reason you should build this modern flat roof 2-storey house with a frontage of 10m

Floor plan of 2-storey tube house with L-shaped roof in modern style 8x12m with 2 skylights inside. One in the middle of the stairs is 2.7mx 3.2m. At the back of the townhouse with an 8m frontage next to the middle kitchen. Finally, there is a small 3.5m2 mini garden landscape. So the reason you should build this modern flat roof 2-storey house with a price of 800 million

  • Simple cubic layout, easy to build
  • Lots of light, open space
  • The spacious rooms are designed to be flexible and convenient
  • Standard according to feng shui
  • Soft colors white blue
  • Suitable for feng shui par Moc Kim and Thuy
  • Financial savings, reasonable costs
  • Lowest generation compared to 2-storey house models with Thai roof
  • The design has a large yard that can be planted with trees, swimming pools, and businesses
Modern model of 2-storey house with 10m frontage
Model of a modern flat roof house with 2 floors, 10m frontage, L-shaped roof tube house architecture, perspective 4

More information about the beautiful L-shaped 2-storey flat roof model with a street frontage of 10m

Model of a townhouse with a frontage of 10m, 1 ground floor, 1 floor has a balanced shape. Reasonable architecture ratio. The cost to build this 2-storey house is about 800 million VND, which is the rough construction. If you build a two-storey house with 600 million VND in the countryside in the North or Central region, it will be comfortable. Because the local labor cost is cheaper than the city

The owner of Ms. Lam asked to take advantage of the new existing door system, along with some other equipment. The highlight of the beautiful 2-storey flat roof model is optimal with an open garden. The space has a lot of cool wind through the atrium and the skylight behind.

Although the floor construction area is 85m2 to 90m2, the layout of the rooms is spacious. The floor plan of the 2 storey 3 bedroom house can be adjusted. Has 4 bedrooms or can be designed with a worship room in front if needed. It is even possible to reverse the design of a 2-storey L-shaped house to the left and back.

Model of 2-storey house with flat roof 8x12m
Model of a 2-storey 3-bedroom flat roof house with beautiful L-shape, modern flat roof architecture, Ms. Lam, a composite image of different angles

Need to build a ground floor house level 4 cost about 550 million only with 2 to 3 bedrooms. Drawing size about 100m2 or more. Don’t be shy, check out the 9 drawings at This path I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

Refer to models of 2-storey 3-storey houses costing about 700 million to 800 million other

Our company has been established since 2011 to present. There is a tax code declaration and business registration of a construction company. That’s why there are more than 300 beautiful house models 1 2 3 floors with different large and small areas. The architectural styles of low-cost flat-roof houses. Architects advise on building a 2-storey Thai roof house with a simple but beautiful design.

You just need to connect via zalo phone number 0975 945 433 what kind of house you like to build. Update the most beautiful model of a flat roof villa with a ground floor and a floor in 2021. Just designed for Mr. Thuan, the picture is as follows. And if you need to explore and admire, CLICK HERE I’m sure you’ll be very pleased

Two-storey flat roof villa
Model of a modern two-storey villa with a roof with open space in the countryside, designed on a large land with 3 fronts of Mr. Thuan

Other models of houses with 1 ground floor 1 floor or 2 floors 1 tum flat roof

Connecting to build a 1 2 3 storey flat roof house, large and small in the South region

The model of a beautiful simple 2-storey flat roof house in the shape of a bedroom, Ms. Lam has completed the rough construction. If you need a reference, connect to see the actual work. In addition, our construction company also has a drawing of a 2-storey townhouse with L-shaped Thai roof. Dan’s roof tile is very nice and hot, you can refer HERE.

Send more brothers and sisters some other beautiful 1 2 storey flat roof models costing around 1 billion as follows

Drawings for building a 1 2 storey flat roof with a modern style, our company has no less than 267 styles. Design ideas for enough space with 3 to 4 bedrooms. It is also preferred to leave the garden space for ventilation. We need to send more samples of pictures because we don’t know how wide and deep your land is.

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