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Nhà mái bằng chữ L 2 tầng 1 tum hiện đại thiết kế theo phong thủy

Send more brothers and sisters the style of L-shaped roof house with 2 floors 1 tum 8×14 by Mr. Phan. The design and construction of the 8m townhouse in the alley was completed last year. Brothers and sisters in the Earth or Fire destiny can choose this style. As for other networks like Thuy Kim Moc, welcome to our architect Render or Shop in white. Even if you change the L-shaped hall to the right, you can follow this position

Information about L-shaped roof house 2 floors 1 tum terrace 8x14m

The design of a 2-storey l-shaped townhouse, 1 tum 8×14, was later built on a plot of land on a street corner in an alley. This is one of the modern 2-storey square tube house architecture, Mr. Phan. Designed in the style of a mini villa with an open space garden. In the language of straight lines and squares. The facade of the model house with a flat roof is 8m wide. Also suitable for rural land with a construction area of ​​about 100m2 of open space. The flat roof architecture will be more economical than the Thai roof house. Design ideas with strong lines without stereotypes. Like other L-shaped houses with roof tiles, Thai roofs are roofed with A-style tiles.

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Model of 2-storey tube house in the countryside
The facade of the modern 2-storey L-shaped roof house is 8m wide, with an additional 1 small tum of Mr. Phan

The idea of ​​building a two-story L-shaped roof house Mr. Phan

Stand out in the cold weather or autumn in August in Vietnam. Architectural style of 2-storey tube house model in modern countryside square 8×14. NEW BEAUTIFUL Architect designed based on feng shui beautiful house in the age of Giap Thin 1964. According to par Hoa uses warm, warm, dark brown, golden tones. Just suitable for the romantic autumn rural scene in the countryside. The whole space house design 1 ground floor 1 floor blush but bright. Blending in the living space of the countryside. Satisfy all the most demanding guests when filled with the art of building architecture.

Beautiful L-shaped 2-storey house model 8x14m
The south side view of the beautiful two-story L-shaped roof house model 8×14 Mr. Phan

Design model of 2-storey flat roof house with 1 tum building area of ​​more than 100m2. Architectural style of 2-storey mini-villa 8m wide 14m deep. Ghostng modern building style minimalistic cubes. But not harsh or monotonous. The block design is clear and separate, easy to recognize. Color effect when the investor and the architect have agreed to choose brown tones. Lemon yellow is suitable for the Fire parson of the host. A beautiful L-shaped 2-storey box house model with luxurious design tones. The architecture is light, dynamic, compact, with a strong, elegant and gentle rhythm.

Design style of 2-storey flat roof house with L shape

In fact, the model of a rural 2-storey flat roof house with an area of ​​​​100m2 Mr. Phan. Considered as an l-shaped house design 2 floors 1 tum when on the terrace. Designed by the architect to enhance a small special function room. Building a cool rural area with fresh natural light conditions. Make the most of what the construction site has to offer. The design plan of a beautiful 2-storey L-shaped villa in harmony with nature. The modern 2-tier l-shaped design wraps around the light directions. Divided into many light windows and large doors. Focusing mainly on the main facade and the side facades cut the L-angle.

Modern L-shaped 2-storey villa
Architecture of mini villa 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 modern terrace with width of 8m

The need to admire the surrounding nature is very necessary. With usage for many different purposes beautiful house 2 floors letter l flat roof in the countryside. The large rooftop area is designed to take advantage of the drying yard. The plan to pour the roof with reinforced concrete is sure. There are more railings around to ensure safety and cheap. With the terrace of Mr. Phan’s family, the investor can use it for fun. Can plant trees, admire the scenery, make a yard to dry clothes. Drying some of the family’s agricultural products. See more Model of 2-storey rural house with skewed roof other modern

How to optimize a 2-storey L-shaped roof house model in a simple countryside

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The block-shaped construction is simple but well-invested. Especially when building in rural areas because most of them are 2-storey villas with Thai roofs. Or a 4-level house with a low L-shaped roof brings curiosity. Many people want to admire constructive learning. Similar designs like this in the countryside are quite rare. The location of the L-shaped corner is designed with a small foyer with a glass roof. Combined with flower pots as well as familiar designs. Of the model townhouses 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 lovely modern 8m terrace. See more models of l-shaped roof houses 1 ground floor 1 floor 6m designed by Mr. Duan in 2020 as shown in the picture

Model of 2-storey flat roof house 6m . wide
Image of a 2-storey L-shaped roof house with sturdy concrete roof in the southwest direction, Mr. Duan is suitable for the age of 1967 Dinh Mui par Thuy
  • See 1 design number of L-shaped townhouse 6m wide Mr. Duan as shown in the cheap picture here but choose more

How to decorate the exterior of a beautiful 2-storey house with an 8m L-shaped roof

A beautiful 2-storey L-shaped house with a flat roof of 8x14m mostly uses Dulux exterior paint. In 2 places with stone tiles, there are pillars supporting the roof of the lobby and the window in the L-shaped corner. With this economical house design, it helps to reduce a part of the cost for Mr. Phan’s family. At the same time, it is also more suitable for living conditions in the countryside. Outstanding color is not only thanks to the choice of brown and white paint color.

Beautiful 2-storey box house model
Option 2 villa architecture 100m2 mini L-shaped roof 2 other modern 2 floors for Mr. Phan to choose

The idea of ​​​​building a 2-storey L-shaped box house with overlapping roofs

Option 2 is designed for Mr. Phan’s model of rural l-shaped house 8x14m. There are bright red wooden framed glass doors that are very sturdy and stand out. The door frames are made large, painted with glossy paint, selected wood with color. Closer to the same color paint a little darker to create division. The modern 2-storey house model block is similar to the mini-villa models. Or the most popular flat roof garden villa today. The idea with stacked box shapes is not in a certain order.

How to design a two-story house plan with the letter L

In terms of functional design, using a 2-storey box-roof house model with an area of ​​​​100m2. According to the project file, the design of a modern tube house with a rectangular roof is rectangular, vertical and horizontal 8m. The design has a construction width of 8m and a length of nearly 14m. The plan includes 1 ground floor, 1 floor and a small 36m2 tum with a terrace. Model of modern mini villa 100m2 2 floors 1 tum. But the architectural style is very suitable for the street plots 7m to 8m wide. The outermost has a facade with a solution to leave a large yard on the left for cars. See more samples mini villa on an area of ​​100m2 2 modern floors with different roofs of Ms. Lan Tien Giang

Modern 2-storey house with slanted roof
The facade of the beautiful 2-storey villa, modern architecture, 8x17m wide slanted roof, 4 bedrooms, 1 room to worship Miss Lan

Optimizing the ground floor plan of a 2-storey tube house in the countryside 100m2

The design of a 2-storey house with 1 tum 8×14 is optimal according to Southern feng shui. The Palace of Prosperity because there is no way to turn it all with a facade overlooking the road. Design direction of a beautiful 2-storey house with a frontage of 8m. Also suitable with feng shui, owner Phan, Giap Thin. That is, Dong Tu Trach – Phu Dang Hoa means fire and lights.

Floor plan of the house 8x14m
How to design the first floor space of a modern flat roof 2-storey l-shaped house

Dimensions of the floor plan of a 2-storey L-shaped house facing the South

Particularly under the ground floor plan Model of 2-storey tube house with flat roof 8x14m Main lobby area 5m2. The auxiliary lobby is located at the L-shaped corner of 8m2. The living room has 2 doors in 2 halls with an area of ​​24m2. Kitchen + dining table behind the auxiliary foyer. After the living room put the stairs to the first floor, bedroom one. Design the last bathroom next to the kitchen. On the ground floor is very clearly divided into 2 parts. On the ground floor, there are 2 open rooms that are the living room and the kitchen, so there is no need to create a spacious moving corridor.

2nd floor plan and small modern 2-storey flat roof house with L shape

The 2nd floor is an l-shaped 2-storey mini-villa house with 110m2 floor. The drawing is for the remaining 3 bedrooms. The rooms are separate, so the architect has separated a corridor. To move together, connecting the stair hall with the shared bedrooms and bathrooms. 3 different bedrooms. A large room of 24m2, a medium room of 17m2 and the smallest room of 13m2. Thus, it is easy to arrange the layout for different members.

Layout of house 8x14m
The space of the 2nd floor of Mr. Phan’s house

Floor plan of the house with l-shaped roof 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 8m

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On top of Beautiful 2-storey tube house model 8m . wide Designing a drying yard + closed playground. There is a roof similar to a room with this design that can be converted into a worship room. There is a storage room if the family needs it. The drying yard can be moved to the outside terrace completely. Thanks to the flat roof design, if necessary, you can simply increase the room. To meet the increased use needs of the family, there are other function rooms, for example.

The floor plan of the house has a small attic floor
The attic of the roof house is only 2 floors designed with a small space with a drying yard to relax on it.

Overview of a beautiful 2-storey L-shaped townhouse with 8×14 flat roof Mr. Phan

Thus, the function of a beautiful 2-storey house with an area of ​​​​100m2 is completely designed. 8m wide, 18m long, beautiful street full for a family of 3 generations 4 bedrooms. There are 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen + dining table, private playground. The open balconies are easier to construct but simple and beautiful. Please refer to Album 600 beautiful house model 2020 other. Scale of 1 ground floor 1 floor 2 other modern floors such as

3-storey modern villa with flat roof 7x14
Overview of 2-storey villa with modern architecture with flat roof on an area of ​​​​100m2 with the letter L

The cost of building a flat roof with 1 2 floors or 3 floors in the shape of an L

Note that the cost of building a flat roof house will be lower than that of a Thai roof house. It is important that the roof is concrete or corrugated iron roof. If the concrete roof is 65% for 1 floor and the corrugated iron roof is only 30% for 1 floor. Below is a 3-storey L-shaped roof house, also known as a mini house of 7m 1 ground 2 floors that has been completed for Mr. Tam’s family. Need a drawing of this house, I can send it to you for reference

Beautiful 3-storey mini villa model with 7x14m flat roof
The design of the flat roof of a beautiful 2-storey L-shaped villa with a horizontal size of 7x14m, Mr. Tam is almost completed

In addition, if you need to build an L-shaped house with a roof width of 8m or 9m, the cost is lower. Construction size of 2 floors 90m2 and 100m2, click to see the drawing of 2 houses below

How to build a 2-storey L-shaped house with a L-shaped roof on a street of 8m

Model of modern 2-storey flat roof house with 1 more beautiful small tum 8x14m Mr. Phan. Built about 3.5 months, completely outstanding youthful architecture. The house style is rectangular in shape, with strong lines and strong lines. The rooms inside the townhouse are designed with l-shaped roofs, 2 floors, 1 tum, and receive a lot of light. Mainly from white glass doors to help close nature with green trees. Towards living conditions with a fresh, green and sustainable climate.

Townhouse frontage 6m L
Model L-shaped house with 2 floors, flat roof, new and modern, 6m wide frontage Mr. Duan

Also, invite you to see more articles of Mr. Duan’s L-shaped houses with beautiful, airy, modern flat roofs 6x17m. By Click on this link but look for reference first if the land width is less than 6m. Good health and success.!

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