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Những mẫu biệt thự 4 tầng đẹp hiện đại 2 mặt tiền

You have a land with 2 fronts and are looking for an open-plan house with the trend of 2021. With a youthful and fresh design, this beautiful modern 4-storey villa is also one of the architectural styles of houses with slanted roofs. good later

Picture of a beautiful modern 4-storey villa with split floors

Just like the beautiful modern 3-storey villa models built. Of the Beautiful 4-storey villa design Dang Bich Lien’s house in Nghe An. With an area of ​​200m2. But the difference of the model 3 storey house 1 frontage area 11x18m this. It is the skewed roof that creates a view point for a more luxurious facade. Moreover, when modern villa design 4 floors according to European architecture. As the perspective of a beautiful 3-storey 11x18m villa model below. The idea has a breakthrough in design to bring a unique and modern look that the model The most beautiful 4-storey villa now bring

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Beautiful modern 4-storey villa design with European slanted roof with an area of ​​​​11x18m – Perspective of the front view

Specifications of beautiful modern style 4-storey villa model

More information about this 1 ground floor 3 floor 1 terrace villa

  • Project: Design of modern 4-storey villa with European architecture 11x18m
  • Investor: Pham Tien Nhat was born in 1966
  • Address: Luong Chau Ward – Song Cong Town – Thai Nguyen
  • Land area: 11x18m
  • Beautiful villa design area: 9x15m = 135m2
  • Total usable area: 465m2
  • Total construction area of ​​beautiful villa: 560m2 4 floors
  • Design and construction time: 6.5 months
  • Construction design unit: New beautiful house design company
  • Architecture: Modern villa with 4 floors with European skewed roof 11x18m
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Design ideas for modern 2-storey 4-storey villa with slanted roof garage before and after 2021

Request for a beautiful villa design with 4 floors 2 modern facades

My family has a frontage area of ​​11m wide and 18m long, facing southwest. I was born in the Year of the Horse, belonging to the West of the Four Fates and the Five Elements is the Galaxy, so based on this land, is the direction of building a modern 4-storey villa correct?

Because our family consists of 6 members, parents and 2 children and my wife and I, after consulting, we decided that we want to build the ground floor with 1 bedroom for my parents, the second floor has 2 bedrooms for my wife. my husband and 1 bedroom for my daughter, the 3rd floor includes 1 bedroom for my son who is in his final year of university in Hanoi and returns from time to time.

Requirements to build a 2-storey 4-storey villa with a garage

Besides , 4-storey villa design with 11m frontage x18m has a garage on the left, a waterfall and a landscaped garden 2021. As well as a rockery for my father to take care of and play with bonsai. The 3rd floor has a worship room, a jerk room and a rear drying terrace. The estimated cost is about 2.8 billion, so we hope that the company’s architect will design and construct a modern villa in 2021. Design help includes an architectural package. As well as the closest construction construction documents so that we can rest assured. construction Villa 4 floors 2 frontage This is the most economical and can monitor progress.

I love the ways modern 4-storey villa design cool, unique and break the way. The house must ensure two factors: spacious space, comfortable light and natural wind. The architecture is new and in line with the town’s planning. Thank you

Consultancy on architectural design of the most beautiful 4-storey villa in accordance with new trends

After just calling and sending the drawing of the land and scanned the land use paper and some hobby requests and some landscape pictures around the street frontage via our company email, our architects gave preliminary consultation with options beautiful villa design 4 floors 11x18m with classic 4-storey villa design architecture or new and new modern villa architecture models of our construction company and finally Mr. Nhat likes architecture 4-storey modern villa with slanted roof and decided to build this beautiful modern 4-storey villa 11x18m

Beautiful villa 11x18 4 floors
Architectural idea of ​​a modern, beautiful and youthful 2-facade villa with 4 floors

Consultant to build a 2-storey townhouse with 4 floors, Mr. Nhat

In the direction of feng shui 4-storey villa design This beautiful 11x18m in the south direction is suitable for Mr. Nhat’s land and feng shui, so there is no change when designing this beautiful 4-storey 11x18m house. About architectural design modern villa 4 floors deviated roof. Feng shui paint color is designed in milky white color. Combined with green glass doors and cleverly arranged spaces such as balconies. Emphasizing the green architecture of the flower beds, the terrace is very neat and concise. Avoiding the fussiness like other 4-storey semi-classical villa models. In addition, in the areas of railings, balconies are designed with ornamental plants. Part of helping villa 2021 create a green space for the house and be closer.

French neoclassical villa
3D image of Mr. Tao’s 2-storey townhouse with 4 floors 120m2 in Bac Ninh City

If you like the 4-storey villa with neoclassical Thai roof, see the finished house for Mr. Tao Bac Ninh. Click here to SEE MORE, the finished house is as magnificent as a castle

How to build a beautiful modern villa with 4 floors of sloping roof

Particularly, this 135m2 beautiful roof is designed according to the drainage slope system. In order to avoid the boring stereotype with today’s simple villa styles. The roof has a design for a solar battery. The main gate is designed with white painted vertical lines. Helping to make the view of the front of the townhouse more elegant and able to admire the space inside and outside the front yard. If there is land on the frontage, it is necessary to build a basement and do green architecture business. You should not ignore the image of Uncle Hung’s house built in Saigon

Modern townhouse 9m
Image of modern 4-storey townhouse design with 9m frontage, option 2 has green architecture in Contemporary style, but Hung likes

Functional structure of 4-storey modern villa 11x18m

This 11x18m villa design is designed with a garage on the left side of the house. In front is a 3m wide yard to build a gate wall and parking lot, with a path around the house in the left direction. In the front right corner design a small green garden landscape, on the left side of the rockery and waterfall.. This place can arrange a tea table to sit and drink coffee in the morning. The ground floor includes a garage, a living room, a staircase followed by a bedroom for grandparents. Kitchen and 1 bathroom at the back. The ladder is designed in a skewed form. To catch the light and wind from above like a skylight to keep the house cool

beautiful voice 0456
Interior design ideas for villas with 2 facades to decorate open spaces

Description for 4-storey house space with beautiful street frontage

– The 2nd floor is designed with 1 common living room, 2 bedrooms each with a shared WC in the room. Outside there is a balcony right on the left without violating the urban planning. The 3rd floor is designed with the front terrace as a relaxing space. There is also 1 bedroom, 1 worship room in the back with a laundry room, drying yard and common WC for the whole floor.

Villa with 2 facades 4 floors
A view of the dining room of a 4-storey villa 11×18 suggests more

Interior design consultancy for the most beautiful luxury 4-storey villa

Due to the architecture beautiful villa model 2021 style trend pretty modern and youthful. The idea of ​​​​building a modern villa is gentle and not fussy. As well as suitable for a family of 6 to live comfortably and relax. So the request of the family is to have a new space with many windows. With pretty good interior decoration. So the interior design plan of a modern 4-storey villa is as follows

I know that the 3rd floor is very beautiful 0985
Suggestions on how to decorate the interior of the modern-style villa of Mr. Nhat’s house -2021

Advice on layout of living room of 4-storey townhouse villa 135m2

Floor plan of 1st floor villa house 2 street frontage 4 floors, Mr. Nhut suggested simple modern decoration. Not fussy with living room sofa tables. Create more home accents by using very cool industrial wood and decorating the wall

I know that the 3rd collection is the most beautiful 0985
Suggestions on how to decorate the interior of the modern style villa of Mr. Nhat’s house 2
I know that the 3rd month is very beautiful
Consulting on interior design of the villa in a modern style with beautiful bright white colors to make the house airy and harmonious

Another picture of a bedroom for a beautiful 4-storey house with 2 facades

Plan modern villa design 4 floors novel architecture as well as interior design styles frontage 4-storey villa Beautiful, very suitable for the finances and feng shui of the owner. In particular, functional rooms such as toilets, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms are all placed in the bad direction, but looking in the good direction helps the homeowner feel more secure. Decoration part beautiful villa interior 4 floors In this case, we choose a bright white color to create a light, fresh, modern feeling for the homeowner.

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Beautiful modern 4-storey house bedroom, Mr. Nhat

See the most beautiful classic 3 4-storey villa models just painted in 2021

See more models of 3-storey 1 tum villas, classic style, beautiful castle 2021. Just painted for the family of Mr. Duc’s parents, the latest. Suitable for the phrase you are looking for a classic European 4-storey villa model. This is the architectural idea of ​​a classic beautiful 4-storey villa with a roof top

Beautiful 3-storey castle-style villa
Model villa style castle 3 floors 1 tum classic European style Mr. Duc floor 170m2

Beautiful modern style 2.5-storey villa in Gia Lai Anh Hai

Sample Beautiful 4-storey villa 11x18m with construction area of ​​9x15m, ie 135m2. For this ground floor part is one of the modern villas very well received and loved by many homeowners. In addition, for more reference, a modern 2.5-storey villa of 8m. The front of Anh Hai street includes 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 roof style slant roof. Architecture is close to the model Beautiful 4-storey villa design but the area is larger than 200m2. Recently designed to build in Gia Lai on land facing the South 10x20m. This picture of the house is one of the The most beautiful 4-storey villa model Currently 2015 with the image below

Modern 2.5-storey villa with street frontage of 8m
The design of a modern 3-storey villa with a 10x20m slanted roof by Mr. Hai Gia Lai

All details of design consultation and 4 storey villa design drawing 2021. Please come directly to the new beautiful house design company or directly call 0975 945 433 Mr Ban. For feng shui advice, architectural design and construction quotes. Built so you can build your new home with peace of mind. Addition

Best regards.!

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