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Beautiful 4-level Thai-style house with construction area of ​​nearly 170m2. Built on a spacious plot of land, along with a spacious design floor area 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof there is a garden. The construction profile drawing for Mr. Canh’s family that we introduce below. Has all the elements of a beautiful 4-level Thai-style house with tiled roof.

  • Drawing of a beautiful 4-storey house with 1 floor, detailed construction, free of charge 2021
  • 370 Beautiful modern house design for low-income people
  • Architects give free advice on building beautiful houses at cheap prices according to feng shui

Update more beautiful Thai-style 4-level house models for next 2022

From the shape of the model’s outer beauty modern one-story house design 3 bedrooms 1 worship room. Until the layout of space inside the premises used flexibly. Carefully studied by the architect in detail. Suitable for the life in the countryside of Mr. Canh’s village. Simple but no less modern. This is Anh Huy’s 3-bedroom house. Access to refer to more INFORMATION OF ANH HUY HOUSE and choose

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Ground floor garden house design 3 bedrooms 16x12
The design of the ground floor garden house with 3 bedrooms in European style by Mr. Huy
Drawing of a ground floor house with 3 bedrooms, garden, Thai roof, 16x12
Drawing of a beautiful 3-bedroom garden house with Thai roof on a floor area of ​​170m2 Mr. Huy

If the land is wide, choose this 3-bedroom house with a ground floor of 10m

This is a drawing of a 4-level house with a 10-meter-wide roof, 17m deep, with a front and back yard drawn for Huy of the same name. Need this simple Thai roof house drawing, I’ll send more

Drawing of a 1-storey house with 3 bedrooms and 1 church
How to design a 1-storey house with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 1 kitchen and the space of Mr. Huy’s house
The first house is 10m long, beautiful and beautiful
Model of 4-level house with Thai roof, beautiful countryside, Mr. Huy has 3 bedrooms 10x17m

Drawing of a 4-level house with 165m2 Thai roof, Mr. Dung

The drawing of Mr. Dung’s house has a block of 3 rooms designed in Thai style. In which the center of the main hall is the living room and the altar. The remaining 3 corners of this Thai-style country house are 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. There are also 2 shared toilets – just enough for the family. Click to see the traditional Thai 3-room garden house in this countryside HERE and choose more

Beautiful Thai-style house on the ground floor
Image of the facade of a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof, 3-room architecture in the countryside, 15m across, covered with modern European style, Mr. Dung

Beautiful Thai style 4-level house design plan in a modern countryside

Level 4 houses or level 4 garden villas now have many different style design options. But they are all beautiful, luxurious and cozy designs. Even the change of a 1-storey house with a tiled roof is also a difference with many different Thai roof designs. Like a Thai house with the letter A square roof, even pointed roof, U cake roof. Used to design the most beautiful four-roof house model today. Construction in the modern countryside

Model of Thai-style garden house 3 bedrooms 1 beautiful worship room in modern countryside Mr. Canh

Designs Thai style 4-level house Simple beauty is a design trend in the countryside. Thai house architecture follows the general trend of insulation. Rural house appearance with idyllic beauty created from the most core things. Along with that is the ability to cut investment costs. But create a reasonable affordable home model to choose from. Simultaneously, it is designed in the form of a 1-storey garden villa with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. The space & function are spacious and eco-friendly

Beautiful 4-level Thai style house in the countryside

Thai roof garden models are also favorite modern beautiful designs. Compared with modern 4-level Thai roof houses, the village space is simple and rustic. Please observe this 16m-wide Thai roof model of Mr. Canh

The facade of Thai-style house level 4 is 16m wide in the countryside

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The model of Thai Anh Canh’s roof house is surrounded by a garden with a large front yard. Part of the design of a beautiful 4-level house in the countryside has a green landscaped garden. Contributing to creating a cool, eco-friendly private light space. Space for outdoor recreation and relaxation for members. Whether according to European or oriental architecture, the garden always occupies an essential role.

The architecture of the four-level house has a beautiful Thai roof style with European features

A beautiful model of a Thai-style 4-level house designed for Canh’s family with simplicity. European-style interior decoration. A beautiful 1-storey Thai-style house with the traditions of our country. The design lines are simple, not too fussy. Especially easy to complete construction to shorten the construction time about 3 months. The model of the Thai-roof house is horizontal with 4 tiled roof compartments to match the large width design. But put more paternal roofs on both sides and the roof of the lobby in the middle. Create more stylized and accentuated shape decoration

  • Beautiful modern 2-storey garden villa model with slanted roof Miss Lan
  • Model of 3-storey neoclassical villa beautifully designed for Ms. Lan
  • See the beautiful house interior model 2020 of the beautiful 3-storey Villa, Ms. Lan

Uses of 3-bedroom Thai-style ground floor house in the countryside

Bringing Canh’s family a function of using 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Interior design of large living room. The kitchen area is designed separately on the right. In addition, the drawing of a Thai roof house in the countryside has 2 toilets. Spacious and airy use space

Picture of a four-level house with beautiful Thai roof and modern garden

The foundation of a Thai-style house in the countryside is designed to be tall. Thai tile roof structure is heat-resistant and noise-proof when it rains. The model of the Thai roof house surrounded by a garden was created with a walkway plan. The outside design has a small green flower bed. Suggest you can plant more large trees in the location outside the lobby. The side helps create cooler shade. But note that planting trees in accordance with feng shui and your preferences.

Floor plan of 4-level Thai-style house with tile roof in the countryside

Functional ground using the model Level 4 house 3 bedrooms 1 worship room science. The space is suitable for the large and comfortable land size in the countryside. The main part follows a square design divided into 3 small compartments from left to right. The right hand side retreats back for the kitchen to catch the cool breeze from the Southeast. From the moment you look at the architecture outside, you can also recognize it.

Floor plan of 4-level Thai-style house, 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, spacious and airy kitchen, Mr. Can’s family

Dimensions of Thai-style house at level 4 170m2 Mr. Canh

The floor plan of Thai-style house level 4 170m2 is designed with a middle space with a reception hall and a worship room. Going in from the hall to the main door is nearly 10m2. The living room is designed with a width of 28m2 combined with a hall of 15m = 43m2. The right space also has an additional 18m2 bedroom. The left space is the design of 2 bedrooms in which 1 bedroom has a self-contained toilet of 20m2. Bedroom interior space after 17m2. In addition to the shared kitchen and toilet with the 18.5m2 kitchen, there is a separate entrance corridor.

level 4 house with modern Thai roof
Model of modern Thai roof house, designed with garden, European style, 1-storey architecture, built by Mr. Phung as a 1-storey garden villa of 180m2

If your land is 12m wide, you should choose a house model of Thai Anh Phung style. The design is built in front of 8.5m, behind 10m, there is a lobby, leaving a side corridor for ventilation. See this European neoclassical neoclassical modern 4-level house at

  • Model of 4-level house with modern Thai roof with Mr. Phung’s garden

Utilities of a Thai-style 1-storey garden house in this countryside

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The floor plan of a Thai-style 1-storey house is designed to create the convenience of open space. Meeting the needs of the family of 3 generations of Mr. Canh. Including his parents, his wife and children. In which, he and his wife have a master bedroom with separate toilet facilities. Beautiful Thai roof garden model makes the most of the cool surrounding garden. Architectural design documents add windows around. Walls built 20cm get light from all 4 main directions. Make every room have natural light coming in.

See some other beautiful Thai roof garden houses of Mr. Lan

The model of a Thai-style house of grade 4 with tiled roof below was built last year for Mr. Lan. Construction floor area 130m2 with 3 bedrooms, 8.2 x 17m across, covering the whole lobby. This is a beautiful Thai roof-top house model that is suitable for the finances of many brothers and sisters. Need this house drawing file alo 0975 945 433 ceded the drawing to buy materials and call for labor to build if you live far away.

You have returned home 4 3 rooms
Views of 120m2 house with Thai roof with detailed drawings of building a 3-bedroom house in the countryside of Mr. Lan
  • See the drawing of Lan’s house in the picture above here if your land is 10m wide, for example.

Another beautiful Thai-style house, level 4, of Mr. Hung

This Thai-style ground floor house design has an area of ​​​​9m wide and 17m long. The floor plan has 3 bedrooms and a large living room. Need a profile of this beautiful Thai garden house, please contact the phone number below

Hospitality 4
Beautiful model of Thai-style house, level 4, 3 bedrooms, 9x17m Mr. Hung

Thai style 1-storey house model 10x20m with worship room

If the image of a Thai-style house on the ground floor, Mr. Hung designed it in the southwest direction. Then the 10x20m horizontal single-storey house model below is suitable for the South and Southeast directions. Means in accordance with Eastern feng shui. If you have a piece of land adjacent to the highway in the countryside. Then refer to this image of a 1-storey garden house with a tile roof costing about 900 million.

Model of Thai-style house
Picture of a beautiful 1-storey Thai-style house in the countryside 10x20m, need construction documents to be sure, alo

Other simple Thai house drawings should not be ignored

  • Beautiful 4-bedroom 4-bedroom Thai-style rural house with garden house
  • 53 of the most beautiful villas in Thailand, 1 – 2 floors, simple modern tum
  • Building a level 4 house with a mezzanine CHEAP but STANDARD according to Ms. Lan’s design
  • Model of modern Thai roof house 1 ground floor, 4th floor, beautiful Mr. Toan and Ms. Huyen
Modern 1-storey Thai roof house with the most beautiful garden
A picture of a beautiful modern Thai roof house with 1 ground floor, 4th floor, designed for Mr. Toan and Ms. Huyen 130m2

Above are models of modern 1-storey Thai roof houses 9×14 Mr. Toan and Ms. Huyen. Or samples beautiful style of Thai house level 4 in the countryside today. Simple design drawings for easy roofing construction. The ground floor space of the garden house has an airy corridor. You have a need to design and build a beautiful house in the countryside. Or need cheap drawings, please contact us at phone number 0975 945 433 for further advice. Good luck

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