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Những mẫu nhà mái thái 3 phòng ngủ 1 tầng ở nông thôn 120m2

You need to find one of the beautiful 1-story houses for 2022. Build in the countryside a 4-level house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Then please refer to these 120m2 to 130m2 garden house design drawings. Also, remember to do more instructions in the article to get the viewing angles and ground.

Picture of a beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof house in Hai’s countryside

The facade of the 1-storey 3-bedroom house design has construction dimensions of 9m wide and 14m long. L-shaped by Hai, who lives in Binh Duong, but built a house for his parents in Quang Binh, Vietnam. Front image of 120m2 house with 4 roofs, 3 bedrooms, 8m in front. There are two decorative square pillars indicating the fake column type. This is one of the beautiful Thai rooftop garden in 2022. Suitable for families with 5 members in Central Vietnam. Above, pour the attic floor and there is a small tum behind the corner of the house, if there is a big flood, come here to avoid the flood.

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Rural house level 4 3 bedrooms 2022
Picture of a 3-bedroom Thai roof house with an area of ​​​​9x14m in the letter L, Em Hai

Information on drawing size 120m2 house level 4 with Thai roof 3 bedrooms

Picture of a rural house with 4 roofs and 3 bedrooms built in the middle of a large land. To the right of the context is the old 3-room 2 gable house mixed with the current standard. To the right is a large garden. The drawing of a 4-level house with an L-shaped roof 9x14m has a floor plan attached below. Please refer to more and subtract the L-shaped corridor, not counting the construction size. Then the usable space is 120m2 of this 4-bedroom 3-bedroom house in the countryside. Note that when designing, you have to stand across the street looking over the plot to take a picture of the old status quo. Or record a video of about 2 to 3 minutes. So that when the perspective is up, the post will be more standard and beautiful.

Beautiful house in Quang Binh
Perspective of a 1-story L-shaped Thai roof house 9x14m southwest of the rear with a small 25m2 tum on the roof for energy and water tanks

Rural ground level house with 4 roofs, 3 bedrooms, 9x14m

This drawing of a 4-level house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room is designed in front of 8m block. Edema is 9x14m in construction size, but except for the 6m left-hand corridor, it is not counted. Then there is the drawing area of ​​level 4 house 120m2 with 3 bedrooms. If including the summer porch and the front lobby column, the design area is 9m wide by 15.5m long. Describe more so that you can better understand if the land is 10m across, you can build a rural house with 4 roofs, 3 bedrooms, 8m x 17m.

Drawing of Thai roof house 3 bedrooms 120m2
Ground floor for rural use, 4-level house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, L-shaped, 9x14m wide, but 120m2 in use
  • Please visit this link to see the drawing of level 4 house 120m2 3 bedrooms with Thai roof 8x16m Mr. Lan

The plan of a 3-bedroom Thai roof house with round columns of Uncle Hung

This is a design plan for a 1-storey Thai roof garden house with a circular lobby column. According to the liking of the family, built in Lam Ha Lam Dong, the layout structure of the beautiful Thai roof house in 2022 has 3 bedrooms and 1 science room. Almost like the beautiful house model 2022 designed for Hai

Beautiful level 4 house 130m2 in 2022
Model of 1-storey Thai roof house with 3 bedrooms 9x14m round column of Uncle Hung Vuong

In addition, if the cost is about 800 million, you choose a drawing of a 4-level house with a Thai roof 8m wide and 20m long, Mr. Phong in Huong Tra Hue. Please CLICK HERE to see more. The drawing includes the façade and the height of the Thai-style house, the layout of the living room with the kitchen outside.

Perspective of 4-level house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms, L-shaped southwest direction

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It is a coincidence that when building this beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof house in 2022. Most of them are feng shui homeowners in the Southwest direction. Send more brothers and sisters and friends the model of a beautiful rural level 4 house. The drawing has 1.3m high wall panels inside and outside the house. At the same time, there is a round porch column. Spacious living room with aluminum and glass doors for cool breeze and light.

Beautiful 1-storey Thai roof house 2022
Rural image of 4-level house with Thai roof 3 bedrooms L-shaped round column Option 2 according to preferences in 2022

Model of Thai-style house with red tile roof, option 3

The same drawing file for building a beautiful 9x14m Thai roof house as above. The design consulting joint stock company NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME sent you a beautiful red tile roof plan with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room as follows. If you like blue roof tiles or even Thai tiles of 17 thousand/brown or beautiful red tile roofs, simply pour Render color according to your preferences.

The 3rd room in the morning of pregnancy 2022
The model of a Thai roof-top house with bright red tiles is also 9x14m in size in the countryside, the cocept 3 . option

Drawings to build a beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof house in the countryside

Currently, my company has simple and modern Thai-style houses with sizes from 100m2 to 200m2. Garden style of Thai rooftop villa with different designs. Like garden houses with large earthen fish ponds, storks flying in the West. Hay

  • Drawing of a ground floor house with Thai roof with 3 bedrooms, an area of ​​​​120m2
  • Model of 1-storey garden house with Thai roof 7x17m 3 bedrooms, size
  • Profile of building a 4-level house with letters L 8×20 3 bedrooms simple
  • Beautiful 3-room Thai roof house models with 3 bedrooms and 1 traditional worship room
  • The construction drawings of the Thai garden-style ground-roof house are wider than the depth like Mr. Dung’s house below
Beautiful Thai-style house on the ground floor
The image of the facade of a 4-level house with beautiful Thai roof, 3-room architecture in the countryside, 15m across, covered with modern European style, Mr. Dung
  • Refer to the drawing of a 3-bedroom Thai roof garden house in the countryside 2022 Mr. Dung this link

Model of 15m horizontal house with beautiful Thai roof in the countryside with three bedrooms

In addition to the beautiful 1-storey Thai roof garden models that have been built. There are also drawings of beautiful level 4 houses in 2022 that have just been updated such as the size of level 4 3 bedrooms with Thai roof area of ​​​​6 × 20. Or a drawing of a 150m2 garden house with three bedrooms drawn for Khanh in Thai Binh is as follows

Model of 4-level house with Thai roof 150m2
Sample image of a garden house 150m2 wide, 15m deep, 10m deep in the countryside, drawn for Khanh

This is a picture of a beautiful and cool South-facing 150m2 1-storey garden house for East Tu Trach homeowners. There is rural land, level 4 house with Thai roof, 3 bedrooms with tile roof. If you build a ground-floor house with a grade 4 corrugated iron roof, you can save about 50 million. CLICK HERE to see the drawing of a 3 bedroom, 1 worship house with a size of 15x10m above.

Model of a modern level 4 house 10x20m beautiful countryside

This is the design of a rural house with the construction size of 9x17m by Mr. Dang and Mr. Phung. The layout has 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room inside, but the porch has two wings and the roof is on the right hand side. That is, the corridor is on the right compared to the model of the modern Thai roof garden house

level 4 house with modern Thai roof
The model of a modern Thai roof house, designed with a garden, European style 1-storey architecture, built by Mr. Phung as a 1-storey garden villa of 170m2 in the countryside, 10x20m across.
  • Visit this article to see a 9x17m modern 4-level house model in the countryside of Mr. Phung and Mr. Dang.

Model of 4-bedroom L-shaped Thai roof house Mr. Dieu

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If you regularly monitor and update the models of 3-bedroom L-shaped or four-bedroom Thai roof houses regularly. Of the prestigious construction company’s new BEAUTIFUL HOME. Definitely have seen the model of a 1-storey L-shaped garden villa with Thai roof. This. This is a model of a 4-bedroom house with a 1-storey Thai roof and a width of 12x17m. Looking at the picture below, you can see that the campus and design like it and have a corridor to build a Thai-style garden house in the countryside. Then CLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW because there’s nothing indifferent about life.

1-storey garden house with Thai roof
Picture of a beautiful 1-storey garden villa house with Thai roof in the countryside 185m2, Uncle Dieu

Model of 2-storey 3-bedroom Thai roof house facing the West

The land his parents gave to one side, but the cost of the couple’s savings and loan was about 1 billion to return. After consulting with 3-bedroom flat roof models, tube houses for savings. Her husband and wife and 2 children still like the 3-bedroom, 2-storey Thai roof house. It is recommended to design a Thai-style tile-roof house 6m wide and 14m long on a land of 6m frontage as follows

House 1 ground floor 1 floor beautiful Thai roof 6m
Picture of a beautiful house design with 2 floors 3 bedrooms 6x14m L-shaped modern Thai-style tile roof 80m2 on a short length of Mr. Manh in an L-shaped style

If you are a woman and think “Golden branches must be parked on the floor”, then refer to THIS ARTICLE, which has a design plan of a 6-meter-wide house with an L-shaped 2 floors, saving 850 million to 1 billion children. Strong as shown in the picture.

Design message to build a Thai roof house with a beautiful garden 2022

The article updates and adds beautiful 3-bedroom Thai roof house models in 2022. As well as architectural ideas for 1-storey Thai rooftop garden in the countryside with an area of ​​​​100m2 to 120m2 or more. In order to meet the high demand for building a ground-floor house like a level 4 garden villa, about 850 million to 1 billion, turning the whole yard after the epidemic. Note the cost of fully designing technical drawings to build a beautiful house in 2022. New Beautiful House Architects still receive a price of 100 thousand/m2. Which has not yet increased the reason to beautify the homeland, the beloved village. As well as sharing a part of the difficulties during the epidemic season and the current increase in the price of construction materials.

Beautiful model of level 4 house 2022
The model of a level 4 garden house in the countryside is 130m2 wide, 8.5m long, 17m long, and the construction size is covered by Mr. Van 2022.
  • Click to see the floor plan of the beautiful 4th-grade house Mr. Van as shown in the picture and other models of Thai roof houses
The first day of pregnancy is beautiful in 2022
Beautiful model of 4-level house with Thai roof with 10m frontage in modern Thai countryside with 3 bedrooms Mr. Thai
  • Visit this link to see the views of the beautiful house model 2022 Mr. Thai has a garden

I am a content management writer, if you have anything, please feel free to contact Mr. Ban VP of my New Beautiful House design consulting joint stock company. He is very enthusiastic in consulting feng shui architecture and sending quotation samples to you to have a beautiful house in 2022 that is spacious and sustainable, lasting without being outdated over the years. Thank you.!

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