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Những mẫu nhà phố mặt tiền 9m đẹp 1 trệt 1 lầu đương đại 2021

Model of a townhouse with a frontage of 9m, designed by Mr. Luc, is built in the style of a mini-villa. Construction area is more than 114m2, 9m long, 13m long. At the end of the post there are pictures under construction. Please refer to the architectural design of the 2-storey house drawing as follows

Picture of a beautiful 2-storey house design in the style of a mini L-shaped townhouse in Binh Duong

Model of a mini villa with 1 ground floor 1 floor L-shaped street frontage 9m 1 ground floor 1 floor tile roof. Located at Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep Thanh Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. Developed by Architect Trong, a joint stock branch of the New Beautiful House construction company, in charge of developing the profile

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Hurry up and make money 9m
3D design image of a beautiful 2-storey townhouse with 9m frontage in Thu Dau Mot Binh Duong Anh Luc

This is a model of a 9×13 L-shaped townhouse. European architectural style with Japanese tile roof. Architects integrate more neoclassical so that the beautiful 2-storey 9m house facade is not outdated. If you need to see a modern slanted roof, please refer to:

Perspective of a beautiful 2-storey house with 9m frontage in Binh Duong

This can be seen as a beautiful 2-storey house with 9m L-shaped frontage. Many investors with a plot of land 9m wide or more are looking for HOT in 2021 today. Choosing a European-style Western-style townhouse to build a private residence. The architecture of this townhouse villa with 9m frontage, 1 ground floor, 1 floor is built on a plot of land 10m across. The back side is 23.6m long but the actual land is 10x20m. The indentation margin of 2.6m must be left in accordance with the regulations on the layout of the letter L .

Hurry up to beautify 9m
The hottest 2-storey house model with 9m frontage of Mr. Luc’s family

The design area of ​​the house is 9m long and 13m deep on the ground floor. Due to the main hall running to the outside, the ground floor floor area is 112m2. The second floor has a construction area of ​​120m2. Mr. Luc’s 9m-front townhouse model is due to the fact that the land is facing and the direction is sunny and windy. So the main gate is designed to be wide on the right. This is a beautiful house gate that is HOT, chosen by many homeowners to design. Because of the thrifty with iron art painted in black with soft patterns. Also, invite you to see the styles townhouse architecture 2.5 floors with 5m 6m horizontal tile roofs

Sample image of a European-style 9m 2-storey townhouse

The image of a European-style 9m 2-storey townhouse in Thu Dau Mot city follows. The construction of the NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE has been started by the design company. With the current unit cost of construction of the raw part, labor is 3.4 million/m2. That’s about 1.2 billion raw parts. As for the finishing part such as ceiling frames, electricity and water, tiling.. The rest of the owners buy the materials we do to help the workers until they are put into use.

Biet mini collection 2, 9m beautiful
Perspective of the most beautiful 100m2 mini villa of Mr. Luc’s family, angle 3 in Thu Dau Mot

How to design a 2-storey townhouse with a width of 9m in the style of a mini-villa

The difference of the drawing of a beautiful 2-storey house from 100m2 to 120m2 is the tiled roof. The idea of ​​​​designing according to the Japanese roof style U cake architecture. Suitable for hot weather in Vietnam. But the space and the walls are designed to be open and airy. With a neat square shape on the background of feng shui white wall. Outside the front of a beautiful townhouse with a 9m frontage above, there is an umbrella. The exterior follows a semicircular arch in the style of a Mediterranean villa.

See a sample of a 2-storey house with a worship room on the ground floor of a mini-villa for the elderly

In addition, if the land is shorter than about 16m to 17m. Need to build a 2-storey house with a frontage of 8m – 9m, you can refer to it 2 storey house drawing the beauty of Mr. Thien. Good to see mini villa Mai’s 7.5×10 Thai roof.

The floor plan of the house is 9m wide and 13m deep overall

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The design of the townhouse is 9m wide and 13m deep, with a mini street in Binh Duong. The outside of the right hand side leaves a large yard for cars to follow the entrance to the gate. The left side is designed with a small landscape corner and the side corridor has a southwest side hall to enter. Outside, the front of the house is beautiful with 2 floors, covered with envelopes. The width is 8.7m wide and the rear is 9.2m. Leave 0.5m on each side to allow the roof to drain easily

House design 9m
The layout of the townhouse is 9m wide and 13m long, including Mr. Luc’s lobby

Description for the house 1 ground floor 1 floor frontage 9m Mr. Luc

The space on the ground floor of a beautiful house with 2 floors, 130m2 tile roof, including the design hall, has 1 large bedroom for Mr. Luc’s parents, a living room connected to the church room, and a shared bathroom next to the stairs. The kitchen space is moved to the back, close to the side hall and has a side door leading to the back garden 2m.

Mat Bang Nha Rong 9m
Dimensional drawing of townhouse frontage 9m 1 ground 1 floor

Image of construction of a 9m wide townhouse Mr. Luc

Particularly, the upper floor of the townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor 9m front is designed with 2 very large bedrooms. There is a working room with sunbath, changing room, shower.. Full Vip bedroom 31m2 wide and 1 bedroom for children 17.5m2. There is also a 12m2 terrace combined with a small landscape upstairs. Reasonable layout

Build a beautiful house in Binh Duong in 2020
Pictures of the construction of a townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor mini 9m frontage Mr. Luc Binh Duong

Architectural CAD drawing of 2-storey mini villa house with street frontage of 9m

Model of 2-storey mini villa with 9m wide street surface built on 10x20m land according to contemporary architecture. Structure poured 2 reinforced concrete floors cast firmly. The roof is poured with concrete outside, but in the brickwork, the rafters, beams, beams, and light steel trusses are roofed with tiles.

Have you ever seen 2D?
2D architectural drawing of 100m2 mini-villas with overall perspective tile roof

In addition, if the street surface is 9m, it is necessary to build a European-style house with a ground floor and a floor. The area of ​​90m2 is this semi-classical Japanese roof style. I have a design drawing of Mr. Trong’s 2-storey house, costing 1.4 billion, below. If you like this style, then click access this article link but see the drawing function. Perspective of the front of the house of architect Trong our company is as follows

grind 2 tangs 9x10m
Beautiful L-shaped 2-storey house facade with an area of ​​​​9x10m with a gate and fence of Mr. Trong

CAD file drawing European style 1 ground floor 1 floor townhouse 9×13

Architectural drawing of a beautiful 9m front house with 2 floors outside, leaving a 5m wide yard. Combined with 3.6m, the corridor will be very open later if the entrance is widened. Or raise it, there is still a spacious yard for cars.

Mini-receipt design on 100m2 area
Side view of the plan to build a 2-storey house with a European-style tile roof

Construction image of a 2-storey townhouse 9m wide and 13m long, Binh Duong

A second unique highlight of the architecture of the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 9m wide. Beautiful house construction in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong. There are corridors and balconies outside. As well as a covered terrace to help the whole family in the sunset. You can enjoy the scenery or relax growing orchids and playing ornamental birds upstairs. In the evening, you can enjoy the street view or romantic night lights.

=> See more beautiful home form Most sought after in 2021. Design after Covid 19 has just been updated

Binh Duong Construction Company
NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME Architect specializes in designing and building beautiful townhouses and villas in Binh Duong

The hottest way to build a house with a beautiful 9m frontage with 2 floors today

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In fact, the model of a beautiful 2-storey 9m-front townhouse is based on a drawing of a 9×10 2-storey house by Mr. Trong. But the sharing of Mr. Luc’s family after consulting the beautiful 2-storey house models. Of many companies and consultants, and even Mr. Luc has hired a design company. But not satisfied and refer to a lot of models. Style and style of 2-storey townhouse villa with frontage from 8m to 9m. Moreover, he and his family changed their mind and decided to come to us

9m beautiful house
Photos of the design angles of the house with a beautiful 9m frontage, 2 floors, Mr. Luc

Models of 9m-square-meter townhouses in the style of villas for both residential and neoclassical business

In addition to the two-storey townhouses of Mr. Luc and Mr. Trong above. In case you need to build a townhouse with a frontage of 9m 3 floors with a basement. Then see 1 of 2 types of 4-storey townhouses with garage Uncle Hung and Ai with 2 semi-classical ideas. And the house has a Contemporary style facade with green architecture. Construction floor includes 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, 2 business floors with 9m basement

4-storey townhouse architecture
Two design options for a beautiful 4-storey townhouse with a 9m frontage of Ms. Ai Tan, classic and modern, with a basement last year

Note when choosing a house with 9m frontage, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, beautiful feng shui 2021

We fully understand that: A new home or a beautiful house is not simple. So the weighing, counting, selecting and unifying the design. Building a house is extremely important, so you have to think carefully so that you don’t have to regret it later. The direction to build the house, the gate of the house also needs to be arranged to match the land position. The function of using feng shui. Natural light convection space. Like Left Dragon – Right White Tiger principle. In addition, the topography, water circuit, ventilation.. It is also necessary to pay attention when designing a beautiful house with 9m street surface today. See the actual picture of the 9m 3-storey villa that Mr. Tuan has built as a perspective

Town house with Thai roof 9m 3 floors
Perspective of architecture of Thai roof town villa 1 ground floor 2 floors 9m neoclassical style frontage Mr. Tuan

See the actual pictures of 3-storey Thai roof house frontage of 9m street Mr. Tuan. The whole 3D perspective as shown above. As well as pictures of last year’s house construction package. Including hand-over installed furniture. Refer to the complete house of Mr. Tuan HERE and choose to build a house after the Covid 19 pandemic. If you need to build a ground floor 2 floors, a terrace 9m wide.

How to design a beautiful house 4.0 era in 2022 after Covid 19

Beautiful 9m frontage house model 1 ground floor 1 floor mini 2-storey villa style. Contemporary architectural style with gentle and eye-catching milky white tones. Designed through phone, zalo and facebook exchange, Viber is primary. The transaction is also transferred via bank ATMs between Hanoi and Binh Duong.

Modern 2-storey townhouse with 8m frontage
The facade of the 2-storey garden villa house with 8m horizontal deviation, Contemporary style, contemporary architecture

See the views of the model house with 8m – 9m horizontal slope of Co Lan

Need to see the profile of building a beautiful 2-storey modern house, garden style with 8m wide or 9m wide roof, contemporary open space, then see Ms. Lan’s house as shown in the picture above In THIS POST and choose as the picture of Contemporary green architecture above

How to send beautiful house design documents to customers in 65 provinces

Particularly architectural documents, structure, electricity and water.. Drawing of a beautiful 9m-front townhouse with mini-villa style. We print it into 1 set and send it to the post office. Of course, there is a legal affix with a building permit. Now beautiful home design technology 4.0 already. So the exchange of connections is also very easy.

When building a Western-style house with difficult details, workers will be guided

During the construction process, the owner sent him the progress. Moreover, between Hanoi – Saigon – Bien Hoa – Binh Duong even other places.. Anywhere we can design and construct a package. Explore more

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