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Thiết kế nhà vườn 1.5 tầng đẹp kiểu biệt thự nông thôn 2022

Beautiful 1.5-storey garden house design with Thai roof above with Mr. Kien’s mezzanine. Architectural design plan for a beautiful 1.5-storey garden villa in a modern countryside with tiled roof. There are also other house models

  • Top 9 beautiful mezzanine house designs with 4-5 rural bedrooms
  • Model of a modern 2-storey 1 tum villa house 120m2 in Mr. Giang Thai Binh’s garden

3d perspective of 1.5-storey house design model, beautiful roof, inclined view

The model of the 1.5-storey Thai roof house has a beautiful garden that can be used with 4 bedrooms divided equally between the upper two floors, two lower floors. Because according to the needs of Mr. Kien’s family, he needed to build a beautiful one-and-a-half-story garden house with a modern Thai roof with a bedroom for the elderly on the ground floor. The ground floor downstairs has an additional bedroom for him and his wife to take care of their parents.

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Beautiful 1.5-storey garden house with Thai roof
The design of a 1.5-storey garden house with a beautiful Thai roof in the countryside 4 bedrooms 1 modern worshiping Uncle Kien

Beautiful 1.5-storey house model designed according to the architecture of modern garden villas in the countryside. Completed construction of 1.4 billion. Now we update it again so you can be clear

Perspective design of 1.5-storey garden house according to flying birds

After reviewing and surveying the land in the countryside before getting the idea to design a 1.5-storey garden house. Architect Two branches of Viet Moi Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company, we have a design plan 1 storey garden house with 4 bedrooms Architectural style of 4-level house with Thai roof with beautiful mezzanine

Design of 1.5-storey garden house with Thai roof according to the West

Perspective of a 1.5-storey garden house with 4 bedrooms based on the main land direction, slightly west to the east, 700m2. Based on a beautiful model house with a mezzanine of 4 bedrooms and 1 room of Mr. Tinh. Design profile of a 1.5-storey Thai roof house dated November 6, last year. But the design is modified according to the model of a 1.5-storey garden villa in the countryside with a mezzanine facing the West and arranging the rooms for the right feng shui house.

Model of 1.5-storey garden house with Thai roof, 4 bedrooms, 1 room to worship Uncle Kien
Perspective of a modern 5-bedroom 1.5-storey mini-villa house in Mr. Kien’s hometown

View of a beautiful one-and-a-half-storey house model with a roof around a garden

The perspective behind the perspective has a corridor, if the land is square or Japanese, then it is the same

Beautiful one-and-a-half-storey house model with tile roof, Uncle Kien's mezzanine style
Perspective behind the house 1.5 storeys 5 bedrooms across 13m x 12m cost 1.3 billion VND

Really Beautiful 1.5-storey garden house in the countryside Currently, many investors are interested in Thai roofs, especially in rural areas. With the layout of the space in all directions, it is possible to design a beautiful one-and-a-half-story house plan, with the ground floor having up to 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor, 1 bedroom, 1 worship room.

Our company has 5 models of 1.5-storey houses with different designs

Similar to the image of the 2-storey garden villa model of Dr. Hung in Quang Binh or the beautiful mezzanine house model of Ms. Tam in Hue, the ground floor has 2 bedrooms on the first floor, 1 bedroom and 1 bedroom, which saves the corrugated iron roof in 2016. Our company builds the design, if you need to build 5 bedrooms, we will send you a sample via zalo

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Depending on the needs and age of each homeowner, there is a way to design a 1.5-storey garden house with a beautiful and cheap mezzanine. Based on the available template and edit the feng shui floor plan in the direction of the house. Reconstruct the perspective as well as develop completely new techniques and edit new 3d images to avoid copyright of the owner.

Ground floor plan of beautiful 1.5-storey garden house 127m2, Uncle Kien

Almost identical to the 2-storey house model in the countryside Designed according to the architecture of a garden villa with 1 ground floor 1 floor with Thai roof in the countryside. Design area of ​​Thai roof house 1.5 storey building ground floor 130m2 mezzanine floor 70m2 roof part calculate coefficient 0.5 of ground floor total construction area up to 260m2 cost about 1.2 billion and if you use Steel trusses roofed with fake corrugated iron, the cost will be lower.

1.5-storey house design
The design plan of the 1.5-storey Thai roof house is 127m2 wide, surrounded by Uncle Kien’s garden

Mezzanine floor drawing of beautiful rural 1.5-storey garden house

The mezzanine floor plan has a construction floor area of ​​102m2 wide, layout drawings of a beautiful 1-and-a-half-storey house with open space are as follows

You are here to celebrate the beauty of the morning
Floor plan design model 1.5 storey Thai roof garden house in Uncle Kien’s hometown

The most beautiful 1.5-storey garden villa model 2022 new update for the trend. Completed construction now. The drawing file for building a 1.5-storey garden house with a Thai roof has a full volume estimate of 1.3 billion. And construction techniques up to 100 detailed drawings. Including floor beams, septic tank, roof, electricity and water, stairs.. complete. Help the owner of Mr. Kien buy materials for local workers to work because it is quite far.

Overview of the beautiful 1.5-storey garden house design in the countryside

Model of 1.5-storey house with beautiful Thai roof in the dark countryside, architecture in the style of a one-and-a-half-storey house in modern style. The creative design option is very suitable for the climate conditions in Vietnam, we are in all 3 regions of North Central South.

Hurry up and have a beautiful day in the morning of the year 2017 344
The image of a 1.5-storey garden house design with beautiful Thai roof in the countryside has 2 options for East and West feng shui, different according to needs

Architectural design plan drawing of level 4 house Beautiful Thai roof with 4 bedroom mezzanine as above has 4 different options. Model of 1.5-storey garden villa with Thai roof according to feng shui like Mr. Kien’s West. Or a one-and-a-half-storey Thai roof house facing Southeast, Dr. Hung. Beautiful 1.5-storey Thai roof house southwest of Mr. Tinh Bac Ninh. Or the profile to build a beautiful 1.5-storey house design in the East in Hue, Ms. Tam

Connecting the beautiful design of a 1.5-storey house or a mezzanine floor

Any direction of land or direction of house and financial feng shui preferences.. When designing architects, construction companies, we have detailed drawing records with clear size notes. We will customize the design for you with the lowest preferential price.

1-storey villa with beautiful mezzanine 4 bedrooms
Picture of a European-style mezzanine house with Thai roof, white paint, green Japanese tile roof, Southeast direction, style of a villa in the ancient town of Mr. Tho built in Chi Linh Hai Duong
Floor plan of house with mezzanine floor 13x15
The floor plan of a beautiful Thai attic house below has 3 bedrooms, a living room of 50m2. Mr. Tho’s kitchen and 2 toilets
  • See more drawings of a 1-and-a-half-story garden villa Mr. Tho

Drawing of a one-and-a-half-storey house with a modern Japanese roof

Design a 1-and-a-half-story house with a Thai roof in the countryside, also known as a beautiful mezzanine house model in the countryside. The architecture of the 1.5-storey resort garden mini villa is currently very attractive and is interested by many homeowners. Because of the creative way to design the garden house, it is not only beautiful, delicate, elegant and harmonious, but also creative and the most economical design solutions such as steel trusses, cool roof tiles, noise-proof all year round.

Japanese-style 1.5-storey house
This is a picture of Mr. Du’s house with Russian oak furniture that was completed last year
1st state 1 knows the value of 1.5 billion
house plan 1.5 floors 2 frontage 13m x 15m JAPAN roof as shown in the picture above by Mr

Model of a house with a width of 12m with Thai roof 1 and a half floors Mr. Thuc

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They like the 1.5-storey neoclassical Thai roof house with tiled roof. NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME design consulting joint stock company updated the 3D image of the facade of the 1.5-storey house design with 4 bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms on the 1st floor and 1 spare bedroom on the first floor and storage as well as a drying yard.

1 and a half storey house with Thai roof
Front of house with Thai roof 1.5 floors, width 12m, depth 15m, Thuc has 4 bedrooms, drawing to be built in 2022.

This image of a 1-storey mini villa with tiled roof is being developed in detail for Mr. Thuc. Brothers and sisters that have a land width of 13m to 15m wide to build. And if the land is in the countryside, just take the whole house, remove the 2 fences and locate it behind the garden land. Note that if you build this house, you will prepare yourself 1.2 billion or more.

Models of beautiful 1.5-storey houses or so-called one-and-a-half-storey houses with attic

The design of a beautiful 1.5-storey garden house with a Thai roof has a mezzanine floor with 4 bedrooms and 1 worship room, built 1.4 billion. The architecture of a level 4 garden house in the countryside has a beautiful facade painted in white combined with the color of green tiles according to par Thuy. Total usable area is up to 240m2.

Model of a modern 1-storey villa with a mezzanine above Mr. Duong

Send you drawings of building a neoclassical 1-storey villa, Mr. Duong. Downstairs has 3 bedrooms 1 worship room and above has 2 bedrooms mezzanine. All are called 5-bedroom villas HERO IS LIKE PICTURES that choose

4-bedroom French style 1-storey villa
Picture of a beautiful neoclassical 1-storey villa model, 13m wide, 14m deep, European architecture, Thai style roof garden, Anh Duong

Profiles of 1.5-storey and small-sized garden villa, Anh Danh

Reasonable space layout and impressive 1.5-storey Thai roof architecture. The model of the 1-storey 4-bedroom garden house Uncle Kien deserves to be one of the most beautiful 1-and-a-half-storey Thai roof house models in the countryside today. Designed for families of 3 to 4 generations to relax and rest comfortably. Addition

  • Profile of 1.5-storey garden house Mr. Thuong
  • Drawing of a simple 1.5-storey tube house 4×17 Mr. Danh
  • Model of 1.5-storey Thai roof house Ms. Tam in Hue dreams of
  • Construction drawing of a 5-bedroom garden villa with a width of 15m x 12m, Mr. Dung is in the countryside
  • Profile of building a 4-bedroom house with tile roof, Ms. Dung

There are also design documents for beautiful 1.5-storey house in 2021. Tile roof architecture with mezzanine and terrace is 7m 6m 8m 9m wide and another 12m to 15m deep. The upper floor has a beautiful 1-and-a-half-story mezzanine for land with 1 frontage and 2 fronts. The house feng shui plan is full of paint colors.. in 2021. Please connect 0975 945 433 so that the architect can send a sample and advise on the cost and prepare to build a house in 2021 for yourself. Best regards.

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