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Branch of interior design and construction joint stock company in Da Nang branch would like to send to you. Construction design documents of a full-service apartment, including interior and exterior of the 7-storey building, add Mr. Khoa to have the best view

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Interior design message of Danang apartment in 2022

In the previous two posts a few days ago, my company designed a beautiful house. Have sent to the actual pictures of the construction of the 7-storey apartment package. As well as the interior decoration project of a serviced apartment for rent 5x35m 1 ground 1 mezzanine 5 floors Mr. Khoa. At the address 155 April 30, Hai Chau district. The livable city Da Nang. Below are pictures of the interior design of Happy House Danang apartments. The main purpose is to help you define the specific layout of items. Harmonious arrangement and selection of beautiful interior decoration materials for apartments of 40m2 and 50m2.

Information about modern apartment design project inside in Da Nang

  • Interior design project of modern 7-storey apartment Mr. Khoa
  • Location: Hai Chau – City. Danang
  • Investor: Tran Dang Khoa
  • Design and decoration style: Minimalist minimalism
  • Furniture: MDF furniture is mainly for space decoration
  • In charge of interior design documents: Architect Nguyen Thanh Phong
  • Da Nang Branch: March 29 – Hoa Xuan Ward – Cam Le District – Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Construction progress: 2 months for interior only
Design space 50m2
Interior design information of Happy House apartment in Da Nang in 2022

See pictures of the interior of a modern Happy House apartment in Hai Chau district

You need to refer to the actual interior pictures of interior decoration 2020. Just handed over in Da Nang by Mr. Tran Dang Khoa. See reality apartment construction put into use the inside views. Attached is a detailed floor plan 1 ground floor 1 mezzanine 5 floors. Plus combined utility views. Like a 20m2 22m2 hotel bedroom in the actual top 2 floors.

Interior design pictures of apartments in Da Nang, Vietnam
Design image of a serviced apartment for rent with an area of ​​​​40m2, modern style, Mr. Khoa in Hai Chau Da Nang, view from 2nd perspective

Interior space of serviced apartment for rent 40m2 1 bedroom

Utility apartment 40m2 designed with 1 bedroom double bed. Its size is slightly slanted in relation to the floor hall and the rear balcony. With the interior design space as shown in the floor plan. Use the dining table as a reception room if needed. There is also a kitchen and a sink. Desk with bookshelf for guests. Model of a modern apartment with smart design. Can be used for interior design of a mini 40m2 apartment.

Mini apartment 40m2
Floor plan of interior design of Da Nang apartment with an area of ​​​​40m2 on the 4th floor inside the 7-storey building Mr. Khoa

Other interior models of serviced apartments for rent in Da Nang

Serviced apartments for rent are currently very HOT in Vietnam. Especially in the area of ​​​​Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, the floor design area is about 30m2 to 60m2. Business service models can be diversified. For example, on the ground floor, there is a cafe and restaurant business. Selling souvenirs and the top floor is a private house for the family. In the mezzanine, the front desk, for example.. Depending on feng shui, the land is wide or narrow, which is smart and clever. In order to maximize the number of mini apartments for rent. Interior design image of another 38m2 apartment in Da Nang inside the 5th floor of the building

The design of the phone is very reasonable
Interior model of serviced apartment for rent in Da Nang

Clarifying about the price of interior construction of a package apartment in Da Nang

Interior of a 1-bedroom apartment in Da Nang of investor Mr. Khoa. Due to the furniture factory, we process and complete the packing and equipping package for 2 months. The total value of 1 apartment 2 as shown in the image of the full turnkey design floor plan is 42 million. That is, handing over and putting into use. You need us to send you a more detailed interior construction quote. Because the entire file of the complete design and construction of this apartment & cafe is still saved

Interior design of mini apartment 38m2
Floor plan of 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Da Nang 38m2 Mr. Khoa

How to decorate cheap apartments in Da Nang

There are many models of furniture for apartments today. Because there are many styles of Modern Model and Minimalist Minimalist. It is important that the investment costs follow 3-star standards to meet living and relaxing activities for long-term tenants. Interior model apartment 38m2 like this apartment 2 model. Mainly use waterproof MDF with UV treatment and anti-termite PU. Coated with 1 layer of Melamine wood grain color makes the room more luxurious. Moreover, the cost is also saved at a good level of ventilation space.

Price list for interior construction of modern apartments in Da Nang
How to decorate the interior of a cheap apartment in Da Nang 38m2 for a 2 . apartment

Interior design pictures of another 1 bedroom apartment number 2

Send more views of the design of a 1-bedroom apartment with a view of 3 purposes for you to see more fully. Please repeat the contract of interior design contract for a 7-storey building for rent 170m2. The width of the frontage is 5m long, 35m long, and our team received only 100k/m2. But then Mr. Khoa assigned the construction, so Da Nang interior design and construction company 100% free of charge. Please see the information of serviced apartments for rent that have been completed. Even more beautiful than the 3d interior pictures in the category Interior design of the apartment Happy House is beautiful, Mr. Khoa 2020. To be more confident before assigning the beauty right to my company

  • The design of a high-rise building in the style of a mini-apartment for rent Mr. Nhat Di An
  • Model of 4-bedroom house in rural Thai roof from old to new Mr. Khoa Quang Tri
Interior design of mini apartment 38m2
Picture of interior design of a cheap 1-bedroom apartment of investor Mr. Khoa in Hai Chau Da Nang

Discover more interior design pictures of Apartment in Da Nang

Not only construction of a package apartment like Apartment Happy House Mr. Khoa. Team of 8 architects and 2 civil engineers located in Cam Le. Da Nang joint stock branch, I also design hotel interiors. Development of interior design documents for office apartments.. Below is one of the other 40m2 mini apartment premises among them.

Floor plan of mini apartment 40m2
The image of the beautiful small apartment apartment 40m2

3D image design mini apartment 40m2 Da Nang

Below is a demo image of some interior views of the 40m2 mini apartment No. 4 made in 2020. There are records of technical development of other modern Apartment interior decorations in Da Nang.

Beautiful small apartment interior in Da Nang
Interior of another modern minimalist apartment for rent number 4 in Da Nang
Apartment interior 40m2
Interior of a modern 40m2 apartment, apartment number 4, designed and constructed inside the Happy House building in Da Nang

Notes when signing a contract for interior design of high-rise buildings in Da Nang

The branch of Da Nang construction design joint stock company has a level 2 competency profile. Practicing certificates for over 7 years can sign a package of high-rise projects. That is, about 8 floors or less, you should understand this circular when you start working with companies. Avoid wasting your time. Due to issues related to capacity records and enforcement. If you are looking for interior architecture firms under 5 years, you cannot sign a contract. Because it is related to the practice certificate and the binding when applying for a construction and construction permit.

Cheap business apartment furniture
A picture of a simple but beautiful apartment interior design inside another 7-storey building by Mr. Khoa

Floor plan of another apartment design model of Happy House Da Nang

Send more 2D pictures of another apartment floor inside a serviced apartment rental building in Da Nang Happy House. Note that due to a certain problem of the floor plan and the optimal way, the new serviced apartment layout is like that. That means there are stairs or a balcony, but it can’t be as beautiful as the 40m2 interior space above

2D floor plan of apartments for rent in Da Nang
Floor plan of Happy House apartment on the 6th floor according to the drawing inside the picture above, investor Mr. Khoa

Another interior plan of an apartment in a 7 storey building 5×35 Mr. Khoa

The design is so small that it's 40m2
Image of serviced apartment for rent in Da Nang for foreigners

In addition to apartments. Our company also designs and constructs interior decoration for neoclassical and classical villas. Interior works of garden house level 4 with Thai roof. Or how to design the interior of a townhouse.. See in the section nice interior implemented more than 18 recent projects with actual pictures.

Above are 2 3D plans and below are two pictures of this simple modern 40m2 mini apartment. With not too high-end investment costs, each apartment from A to Z is about 40 million to 43 million only.

Beautiful small apartment design in Danang
This is the interior of the apartment 40m2

Khoa’s purpose is to find apartments for rent at a relatively affordable price. The investment method is also quite good, not too expensive. If you need to design the interior of an apartment for rent in Hanoi or Saigon, this price is fine

Consulting on interior design and construction of mini apartments for rent
The design of an apartment for rent in Da Nang made by my company

Find out about interior design and construction services for modern apartments in Da Nang

Currently, in Da Nang, there are actually about 5 to 7 other reputable interior design services. However, most of them are middle-class civil works such as motels and houses mainly. As for the scale of design and construction of high-rise buildings, 4 and 5 star hotels. Or design and construction of office buildings for rent if the package is difficult. With a team of young dynamic architects, we are ready

  • Highly responsive to the fastidious needs of customers, comfortable design editing
  • Strong team of architects and engineers and a management team of over 14 members
  • There is a furniture workshop to make tables and chairs, professional processing
  • Spacious office building with 3 floors, 1 tum, including a coffee shop for advice and care
  • Perfect maintenance and finishing warranty
  • Rich design ideas green architecture open space
  • Reasonable design unit price, fast, accurate and professional implementation
  • Clear contract with strict construction material code
Da Nang apartment interior decoration company
Another image of Happy House’s interior design of Da Nang apartment No. 6

Hopefully the 2D premises with information and pictures of interior design of Da Nang apartments in 2020. Of the investor Mr. Tran Dang Khoa at 155 April 30, Hai Chau district, Da Nang above. Quite reliable so that you can find a reputable professional company architect to choose from. In addition, we invite you to refer to our beautiful home design company information. Head office in Saigon and other authorized branches Hanoi Binh Duong Bien Hoa. Come to the nearest office and consult a specific working quote. Have a nice day.!

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