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Top 5 mẫu nhà đẹp 2 tầng 5x15m mái bằng trẻ trung hiện đại 2021

Sincerely send you 5 beautiful house models with 2 floors 5x15m frontage. The design style is young and modern, the space has 3 bedrooms. A terrace laundry room on the tum floor for you to choose to build a townhouse with a width of 5m with a large yard outside.

  • Beautiful 2-storey house design 5×15 only 900 million free, Mr. Sau

The design of the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace front 5m first

First of all, introduce you to the design of a house with a ground floor and a floor with a frontage of 5m with a large yard outside. In which, the ground floor has a 5m yard for cars and the main gate is made of fine art iron. Design model of 2-storey house with 5x15m roof with modern tube house architecture. Dark blue white color harmony. Suitable for young homeowners feng shui house par Kim or shui even par wood

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Model of 2-storey house 1 tum 5x15m
Design of a house with a ground floor, a floor, a terrace of 5x15m with a yard of 5m wide for cars to open, Mr. Phong

The facade of the 2-storey townhouse is 5m wide, and the outside of the ground floor is designed with granite tiles. For a beautiful 2-storey house model of 5x15m, there are many highlights. The architect has creatively created Conwood block panels combined with large window panes. The purpose of receiving and getting more light for the bedroom interior is on the 1st floor. In addition, there is a side door with 1 door leading to the balcony. The highlight of the design drawing of the 5×15 tube house integrates a green architectural flower bed against dirt. Moreover, making the architecture of townhouses 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace 75m2 more friendly to nature

Perspective of 2-storey townhouse 5x15m modern style Mr. Phong

Beautiful 2-storey townhouse model 5x15m towards families with 4 to 5 members. The space is designed according to the architecture of the 5m-floor tube house with a staircase close to one wall. The architect’s idea is to optimize the living space for the family. Due to the beautiful house 5x15m built in the South direction of feng shui, the age of 1979 Ky Goat. So the right hand side is the northwest direction, the afternoon is very hot and sunny. That’s why when going to the architect block, the beautiful house design company advised the owner to design an additional brick wall. The outermost protrudes 30cm to limit the heat. Part of making the architecture of the beautiful 2-storey 5x15m tube house more solid and larger

  • Project of designing a beautiful 2-storey house 5x15m
  • Investor Mr. Phong and Ms. Loan
  • Overall plot area 5×22
  • Licensed construction area ground floor 75m2 first floor 80m2 attic 60m2
  • Year of construction design implementation: 2020 trends 2021
Design of 2-storey tube house 5x15m 2020
Model of 2-storey townhouse 5x15m Mr. Phong perspective with green architectural fence in white and blue tones

Floor plan of a beautiful 2-storey house 5x15m in 2020 built

The design of the townhouse 5x15m 2 floors 1 tum has a total floor area of ​​​​314m2. Including the foundation and roof in which the foundation uses a single-price foundation to reinforce the momentum on the natural good ground. The reinforced concrete roof design should account for 60% of the area of ​​a floor. The wall structure of a 2-storey townhouse with a flat roof is 75m2, 5m wide and 20cm wide with 2 brick paths for coolness and waterproofing. Below is the floor plan of the 5x15m tube house on the ground floor

House plan 5x15m
Ground floor plan of tube house 5×15 is designed with 1 bedroom, stairs between floors close to the wall

Drawing of the 2nd floor of a 5x15m 3-bedroom house with a split floor

The ground floor is a 2-storey house model of 5x15m, designed to build 70m2 behind, leaving a small courtyard. The purpose is to get more light and cool wind for the interior space behind the house. The dining table and kitchen are designed according to Eastern feng shui. The floor plan of the house 5x15m on the 2nd floor is designed with 1 common room overlapping the kitchen on the 1st floor. There are 2 bedrooms designed before and after. The design of this 2-storey house with 80m2 on the first floor is quite good. The bedroom does not overlap the kitchen. This is a drawing of a sample size of a 5x15m 2-storey house, Mr. Phong, first floor

House design area 5x15m
The floor plan of the house is 5x15m, designed with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room with decent feng shui

Design drawing of a tube house 5x15m at the roof terrace

The top model of a beautiful 5x15m tube house is designed at the request of the owner. The outside design space has a terrace to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the moon and the city. The worship room is designed with a size of 8.6m2 just enough and placed in the highest position overlooking the beautiful front of the house 5m to the south. In the center of the house, 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace, Mr. Phong designed a gym according to the request. The remaining space is a drying yard and a laundry room. The drawing of the attic floor of a 5×15 2-storey house with a terrace is as follows

Drawing of a simple 2 storey house 5x15m
Design of a 2-storey 5x15m tube house with a rooftop terrace of Phong’s worship room

See a beautiful 2 storey house model 5x15m Mr. Hung Phu Son

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Hung Phu Son’s house is designed to be built on land 5x20m across. The design plan leaves the front yard 5m for cars, and the construction area is 5x15m on the ground floor and 80m2 on the ground floor and tum. There is a balcony protruding out in front of the beautiful house front 5m. The floor plan is quite similar to the design drawing of the house with an area of ​​​​5x15m Mr. Phong above. The construction of a beautiful 2-storey house with 5x15m modern street surface, the construction company, a new beautiful house design, we have built a full package of 1 billion

front desk 1 tret 1 cleaning 1 floor 5m 9433
Model of a beautiful townhouse with 5m2 frontage, 2 floors, Mr. Hung Phu Son, another building area of ​​5x15m
  • If you have time, you should refer to the pictures townhouse frontage 5m 2 beautiful modern floors have been built for more reference

More information about the house model 5x15m, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, and the terrace of the Hung worshiping room pictured above. There is a construction cost of the rough part, we received 750 million VND. As for the interior decoration of the space, our engineers take it to the store. What kind of furniture do you like, we attach as workers.

Models of houses of 5x15m 2 floors like this, our company has no less than 20 samples. Depending on your interests and land direction? Weak or hard ground that uses ice foundations or piles. Even building Cu Melaleuca, reinforced bamboo poles that have additional costs. Second, the living needs of each family are different. The color of the wall painted according to feng shui is also different. Below are samples of tube houses with 5m frontage, you should choose a airy style

Model townhouse 5x15m 2 floors
Perspective of model house 5x15m 2 floors 1 tum 3 bedrooms 1 room for your reference

Beautiful model house 5x15m 2 floors Mr. Thinh

The design of a 2-storey 5x15m tube house has a slight difference as the top floor uses a pre-engineered steel frame. Architectural drawing of 2-storey townhouse 1 tum 75m2 simpler. On the roof, just build brick walls on both sides and make sunshades. In the back, there is only a small worship room and laundry room. The cost of building a 2-storey house 5x15m is more economical than the concrete roof of Mr. Phong and Mr. Hung, Phu Son

Simple model of beautiful tube house 5x15m 2 floors
Model of a beautiful 2-storey tube house with a terrace using powder-coated steel frames to block the sun from Mr. Thinh

The latest models of beautiful tube houses designed with skylights

Model of a beautiful 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house designed for Mr. Long. However, the construction area is 5x16m, please refer to this image

Model house 1 ground floor 1 floor 3 bedrooms flat roof
Overview of Mr. Long’s beautiful modern 2-storey 3-bedroom flat roof house model

You have happened to visit the website of the corporation architecture and construction of your NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME. Should stay for a few minutes to refer to the beautiful tube houses Mr. Hai and Ms. Hoa. The 4.5m neoclassical townhouse, Mr. Tan or Mr. Nam’s house, is 5m off the floor. Quang’s house, Thuy’s house has just updated a few school days at the link beautiful tube house model detailed drawings. Need to edit as required, contact 0975 945 433 with zalo hotline during office hours to send more beautiful models.

Modern house design with an area of ​​​​5x15m 2 floors, Ms. Hoai

Hoai’s house in the image below is designed to be built on resettlement land. Floor plan of house design 5x15m 2 floors 1 tum. In which, the utility of the beautiful lot house model 5x20m, modern 2-storey tube house architecture, 5m frontage is as follows:

  • The ground floor is designed with only living room and toilet kitchen
  • The first floor is designed with 2 bedrooms and 1 family karaoke room
  • Rooftop terrace, 1 worship room and 1 back drying yard
house design 5x15m
The design of the house with an area of ​​​​5x15m, Ms. Hoai built in the newly resettled urban area

Advice on building a beautiful and airy 5x15m 2-storey house

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Beautiful house models 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 rooftop terrace, if you build a concrete roof, prepare an additional 60 million. If the budget is more modest than using a waterproof 5-zen corrugated iron roof for the roof, an additional 60 million can be saved. Models of townhouses of 5x15m 2 floors above have a rough construction cost and labor of about 750 million. Use materials of quite good level or higher such as Vietnam-Japan iron and steel. Ha Tien 1 Cement, Dong Tam brick.. for sure. The remaining money we use to buy modern decorative furniture for the space. If we don’t have enough money, we will buy gradually

Beautiful model townhouse 2 floors 5x15m 3 bedrooms
Model of townhouse 5x15m 2 floors, design and construction of 750 million parts of raw labor for Mr. Trinh

The cost of building a modern 5x15m 2-storey house on a land of 5x20m with an upper yard belongs to Mr. Trinh. Total construction floor area of ​​the raw part is 246m2. Equivalent to construction unit price 3.2 million/m2. See more design styles beautiful townhouse 4m frontage or different types of split-level houses on an area of ​​4.5x15m cost about 1.2 billion package of our company

Comments on beautiful house models 5x15m 2 floors 1 roof terrace

The current unit price for the design of the townhouse, the architectural part of our company, is only 100k/m2. If you are trusted by you to build the rough and complete part. Our company’s architects will design for you free of charge and complete the construction permit. Next year, we will build a tube house on the street or in the alley.

Building a townhouse 5x15m 2 floors
Building a 2 storey house 5x15m Mr. Hung Phu Son by his company Bien Hoa branch. Thank you Mr. Hung
  • You should consult more about the consulting joint stock company beautiful home design ours after 9 years of establishment

From now on contact to come to the consultant to work specifically and prepare. Above is one of the beautiful house models 5x15m 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace. Northerners often call it a 2-storey house with 1 tum 5x15m. Depending on your purpose, for example, the ground floor of your business. Or want to build a 5x15m tube house with an indoor car garage, for example. Architects of my company will advise easily.

See more 5×15 house models built on land 5m across, 18 or 20m long

In addition to the above 5x15m pipe house construction documents. If you are planning to build such a size but need a Thai roof or 75m2 house architecture with mezzanine and neoclassical, see the sample articles below.

  • Beautiful Thai roof townhouse style, stylized design is not picky Mr. Binh
  • Design drawings of 3-storey house 5x15m with 4 bedrooms Mr. Khang
  • Design consultant to build a beautiful house with an area of ​​​​5x15m mezzanine Mr. Dat Bien Hoa
  • Drawing of a beautiful 6 storey townhouse with 5m frontage, beautiful classic
  • Drawing of a simple 2-storey house 5×15 in French style to catch the wind and the sky

Currently, our company’s head office is in Saigon. There are also branches in Hanoi, Binh Duong, Bien Hoa.. If you sit at the computer, you can see the addresses that you can contact the architect to advise you on construction work. Thank you for trusting our company to beautify your beautiful home. Sincerely wish you health and success.!

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