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Xem bản vẽ xây nhà 2 tầng tiết kiệm kiểu hiện đại 2022

Advice articles Building a 2-storey house saves money We introduce them later for your reference. At the end and middle of this 1-storey house with a rectangular terrace, we add a drawing of a modern tube house design. Photos of Mr. Tung’s low-cost house construction with a good investment for your reference

  • 3 models of 2-storey Thai roof houses with 6 bedrooms, super economical villa style
  • See a sample of a 2-storey L-shaped villa with 5 bedrooms, Mr. Tung
  • How to decorate a beautiful house 6m 85m2 3 floors Mr. Tung

Image of a super-saving modern 2-storey townhouse facade

The design of a 4-storey 2-storey house with an L-shaped economy, flat roof architecture. Modern style design has 3 bedrooms divided equally between 2 floors. The design is built on a plot of land 7m long 30m in which the design plan saves a 1.5m walkway on the right side. The facade of a modern 2-storey townhouse with Eastern feng shui. The architect has designed both a side hall with open access to the back garden.

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Build an economical 2-storey house
Ground floor plan of a 2-storey house with an economical design with 1 bedroom, Mr. Tung, street surface of 7m

Design consultation for a 2-storey house to save 850 million VND

The front of the beautiful townhouse has 1 ground floor and 1 floor, leaving 10m for yard. The purpose of the landlord later to build a rental kiosk or a coffee shop business. Even build a pre-engineered steel frame house to open a restaurant to earn extra income when old.

Model of 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms
Modern 2-storey townhouse facade with L-shaped economical design with terrace

Information on building a modern street-saving 2-storey house

  • Simple and super economical 2-storey house design project with modern style
  • Investor: Mr. Tung
  • Address: Long Thanh – Dong Nai
  • Architectural style: Modern tube house
  • Land area: 7×28
  • Construction area: 5.5×16
  • Investment cost: 850 million VND
  • In charge of construction: Architect Hao
  • Year update turnkey construction price 800 million VND
  • Construction time: 3 months
  • Design and construction unit: New Beautiful House Construction Design Joint Stock Company
  • Bien Hoa – Dong Nai branch
Designing an economical 2-storey tube house
Drawing of an economical 2-storey house on the upper floor with 2 bedrooms, 1 worship room and terrace

Perspective of building an economical 2-storey L-shaped house 7m

Sample beautiful house 2 floors 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room and terrace have the same architecture as a townhouse with a mezzanine floor. The design is 5.5m wide and 16m deep. Floor plan poured reinforced concrete from front to back. Unlike the mezzanine floor, only the back is poured and the front is left empty for construction. The outside of the same model of an economical 2-storey house has a concrete roof and two side walls.

  • The design of a villa with a beautiful 3-storey business basement, Mr. Tung
  • Beautiful model of a small modern house with 5 floors, 1 tum, designed for Mr. Tuan
2-storey house model saves 90m2
Consulting to build a 2-storey house saving 90m2 with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room and outside with a terrace 5.5x16m 850 million is too cheap

In which, the exit to the terrace and balcony is 32m2. So that the whole family can gather to enjoy activities and enjoy the scenery. There are 2 bedrooms in the back. Including 1 master bedroom. Note that the tube house model built on 2 floors before and after has a balcony and a common toilet. Particularly on the ground floor, one bedroom is designed for Tung and his wife with an area of ​​nearly 16m2. Space 1 large living room on the main entrance. Interior design of a beautiful kitchen and dining room model of a modern 4-level tube house with 2 connected floors. The dining room is located next to the stairs of the 2-storey tube house, taking in light from the roof of the skylight.

Actual image of a modern 2-storey house 7m wide compared to the actual design

Because the land is quite large and long, Mr. Tung offered about 850 million investment. So the design plan to build a modern 90m2 2-storey house model. The simplest way to ensure the purpose of use has 3 bedrooms 1 church. The rooms are full for the family including Mr and Mrs. Tung. Husband and wife son and daughter. Each floor has a common room. Initially with a budget of about 850 million he was afraid to arise. Consider building a mezzanine house with a Thai roof with 3 bedrooms, about 7×15. But after consulting the architectural plan of a beautiful modern 2-storey house for the family.

Building a modern 2-storey house in Long Thanh
Actual image of building a 2-storey 90m2 3-bedroom house for Mr. Tung’s family

Picture of building a cheap 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room with 2 . terrace

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The design plan of building a modern 2-storey tube house with a modern style of 90m2. Total construction area of ​​270m2 floor because of concrete roof. The usable space is 200m2 both on the ground floor and the first floor. The layout is suitable for house feng shui according to age. Ah Forget if you have a land width of 8m and need a Thai roof, see more Beautiful L-shaped 2-storey house model 90m2 Mr. Dan Phu Tho to the southwest. As for the beautiful model of the tube house, Mr. Tung is facing the South direction slightly to the East. The front and back floors are airy. The design of a 2-storey house saves construction within 3 months

build a 2-storey house with 850 million cheap price 2020
Economical 2-storey tube house model with 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 850 million 90m2 construction floor Mr. Tung built in Long Thanh Dong Nai
90m2 . L-shaped 2-storey tube house stairs
Economical 2-storey tube house stairs as pillars and decent wooden handrails

Some other pictures of a cheap 2-storey house model Mr. Tung

This 2-story, flat roof-saving design uses good, not average, materials. The raw part uses Vietnamese-Japanese iron and steel, not Hoa Phat iron and steel. The second is Ha Tien 1 cement, not Sao Mai. That is to say, good quality raw construction materials.

build a beautiful house in Dong Nai with 2 floors at a cheap price
Building a super-economical 2-storey townhouse with decent floor and wall tiling with decent materials for Tung and his wife
Building a simple 2-storey house in Long Thanh saves money
Update pictures of the construction of a 2-storey house with a cheap price of 90m2 that is economical and airy, Mr. Tung in Long Thanh

Currently, his construction company has just opened more branch offices in Hanoi and Da Nang. Binh Duong. The head office is in Ho Chi Minh City. If you sit on the phone, contact the nearest office address to build it beautifully

With a modern design style, the open space of the 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms above is very suitable for families of 2 couples with two children. Design style of 7m horizontal L-tube house is youthful and fresh. Using tempered glass doors for investment and cost is also moderate. Model model of modern 2-storey townhouse facade suitable for plots of land 5m to 7m wide. Low cost modern open floor plan. However, the first floor design has a height of 3m, which is 3.3m lower than the usual 1-floor 1-floor tube house designs.

building a modern style 2-storey townhouse 90m2
7m modern 2-storey townhouse facade, 90m2 construction design, 3 bedrooms, 1 flat roof worship room

Models of 2-storey houses 5×20 with 4 bedrooms 5m in 2021

You need to build models of Thai roof houses or modern townhouse styles in 2021. Then refer to it for more information. Category link beautiful townhouse model just designed new update. The new trend of 2022 is HOT right now. In addition to this modern cheap 2-storey house model. My company has simple drawings of 2-storey houses with fake facades of Thai Anh Tu roof and 12 other styles. You click VIEW HERE and choose

Beautiful 2 storey 4 bedroom house models 5m wide
Simple beautiful modern 2 storey 4 bedroom 5×20 house models that are HOT in 2021 are selected

Beautiful 2-storey house model about 700 million to 800 million

The image below is a design drawing of Hoc’s 7×14 house with terrace. Of which, the rough estimate is 470 million. As for the interior of the painted door, electricity and water are 700 million if the roof is fake. In 2022, you prepare for yourself 800 million because now iron, steel, labor and materials increase. Need to see the construction drawing of the construction of an economical 2-storey house in 2022 with the estimate as shown in the attached picture. Then CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMPLETE perspective of this beautiful house 1 ground floor 1 floor 7m wide in this countryside

Model of a cheap 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms 700 million VND
Image of building a 2-storey house with 800 million style mini-villa 90m2 4 bedrooms 7x14m

The message to build a simple, cheap, 1-ground, 1-floor tube house in 2022

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Hopefully with the image of a 2-storey tube house design, Mr. Tung will save money. Some actual pictures of building a modern 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms and 1 worship room. Outside the 2nd floor has an empty roof, a simple 1 ground floor 1 floor house style. Help for families with limited finances. The living space is still comfortable, certainly cool wind and natural light.! In addition to this model, there are other 2021 house styles such as.

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  • 50 beautiful garden house designs of level 4 1 2 ground floors and mezzanine
  • Models of beautiful 2-facade houses from 1 to 4 floors of contemporary architecture
  • Top 9 beautiful mezzanine house designs with 4-5 rural bedrooms
  • Beautiful model house 600 million with 3 bedrooms 1 worship room 120m2

Beautiful house model with an area of ​​​​7×10 2 floors has been built

Below is one of 12 drawings of a cheap 2-storey house with a width of 7m and a depth of 10m, Mr. Tu. This house was built before the epidemic and has 3 bedrooms and a flat roof. The current construction cost is also about 800 million which is very beautiful. I think if the width is 7m 8m, but the depth is short, YOU SHOULD CLICK TO SEE THIS PATH with information on actual construction completed first. Then need a drawing to say yourself

Model house 7x10 3 bedrooms
Design of a 2-storey house 7×10 3 bedrooms 1 worshiping room in the northeast direction suitable for Binh Thin age 1976 Mr. Tu is simple

Model L-shaped house with flat roof with 4 bedrooms in cheap countryside Mr. Quang

This is also one of the 80m2 2-storey house models with 4 bedrooms. The roof is flat as shown below for the house Quang built 800 million years ago. See pictures if you like the type of house with open corridors. See details DRAWINGS OF ANH QUAN’S HOUSE as below, which is simple, cheap, beautiful and modern in 2022. Need a drawing alo Mr. Ban – Deputy Director of TVTK JSC.

House 2 tang 4
Model house 2 floors 4 bedrooms 80m2 1 worship room about 850 million modern architecture Mr. Quang

Hopefully, with how to build a cheap, fully functional pipe house as above, it will help you to refer. Aiming to build a house of 750 million to 1 billion for land with a width of 5m in 2021. Have a nice day.

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