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Xem biệt thự nghỉ dưỡng kiểu homestay hiện đại 2022

Suggest more models of new modern duplex resort villas in 2020. Made by a branch of the BEAUTIFUL HOME design consulting joint stock company in New Dan. Please refer to this model of building Homestay for foreigners to rent in Quang Nam in detail

A picture of a modern duplex-style homestay apartment

The design of a beautiful resort villa in the suburban area of ​​​​Hoi An Homepage. Directly designed and built by our construction company in Da Nang branch. Duplex type house is located in Phuoc Trach area, Cua Dai ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. This is tourist villa Designed for both residential and rental purposes for foreign tourists.

Beautiful resort villa style Homestay Hoi An
Beautiful resort-style tourist villa for rent with a beautiful mini resort

In addition, we invite you to refer to the design of the mini house. Green Architecture SuRi Da Nang. Brothers and sisters see more hotel drawing this here. To choose more construction design for horizontal land 6m 7m 8m 3 to 6 floors.

Nice budget guesthouse
Overview of the image of 2 3 star 6 storey hotel by investor Mr. Hoa in FPT Da Nang

Information about the beautiful resort villa design project in Hoi An

Hoi An homestay design project has a total area of ​​320m2. The width is more than 16m wide and the depth of one side is nearly 19m. And one side of nearly 21m is an oblique trapezoid with a pointed bottom. The design of a 3-storey business villa with beautiful open space. The idea of ​​​​designing in the shape of a modern duplex villa with tile roof. Leave a wide corridor in the middle between the design of the lotus lake and the fountain. As well as a corner to relax, eat, drink and admire the outdoor scenery.

Overview of the land area of ​​320m2 with a frontage of 16m Mr. Tuan

Investor resort villa beautiful in Hoi An is Mr. Le Nguyen Viet Tuan born in 1980. And Ms. Duong Thi Hoa a young entrepreneur in the tourism industry. Quite famous in Hoi An city that probably everyone knows when it comes to it. Hoi An homestay project design beautiful house architecture style green villa. Surrounded by small garden landscape and airy in eco-European style

Design ideas for duplex villas on the outskirts of the city today

The demand for building 2 3-storey mini villas in suburban areas is now very HOT. Aimed for the wealthy families and middle class in the city. On weekends or holidays, you can go back to the coastal areas to relax. Investing in a modern duplex guesthouse in Hoi An is also a profitable investment.

Resort villas in the suburbs
Architectural image of a modern duplex villa designed for Western guests to rent in the suburbs of Hoi An
Modern mini homestay design
Design a duplex homestay villa with a modern swimming pool for Mr. Tuan Quang Nam’s resort

New resort-style serviced apartment villa model

Vietnam is a country with a temperate tropical climate all year round. The weather is also quite hot and humid, divided into two distinct seasons, sunny and rainy. With industry or urban areas, the city belt is not far from the working center. Therefore, the need to build apartments or mini motels for rent is also quite new. Especially serviced mini apartments

Simple mini resort apartment model in the suburbs
Perspective design of 3-storey mini apartment for rent for guests to relax

Some design services for villas, resorts, and resorts in Vietnam

Not only this duplex mini-villas in Hoi An. Currently, the branch of our company is NEW BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. Also conducting design to get permission to build models of Homestay, Resort in

  • Peaceful resort villa
  • Dai Lai Resort Vinh Phuc
  • Neoclassical mini villa resort in Da Lat
  • Serviced apartment villa for rent in Phu Quoc resort
  • Villas in Ho Tram Vung Tau, Viva, Ba Vi Hanoi, Cat Ba, Cam Ranh, FLC Sam Son, Da Tuong..
Model of a modern duplex villa homestay with mini swimming pool in Hoi An, designed by Mr. Tuan for resort guests

In addition to the model of homestay, this duplex style tourist villa 1 ground 2 floors. Siblings see more here to learn more types of serviced apartment models for rent. High-rise design and a combination of other large and small hotel drawings as shown in the picture

The design is the most beautiful for rent
Two models of beautifully designed high-rise apartments with the largest scale today for Mr. Dung

See the space of Homestay in Quang Nam

Design Lead Modern villa with garden 1 ground 2 floors 150m2. There is a construction cost of 5.5 million/m2. At this Hoi An Dai Gate is architect Phong, a famous man from Quang Tri. But doing business and living in the city of Da Nang my branch. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of civil works. Like beautiful townhouses in Da Nang or neighboring provinces such as Dong Ha, Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai..

Beautiful space resort garden villa
3D image of garden landscape design of Homestay Hoi An Mr. Tuan
Modern garden house
Picture of a duplex villa with a resort pool
Design swimming pool space

Currently, VIETNAM NEW BEAUTIFUL GROUP is gradually opening branches and offices in the provinces. Calling for shareholders to contribute to building individual projects. As house villa hotel house think as well as small and medium projects in advance. In the immediate future, it needs to be implemented in potential areas such as

  • Gio Viet Quang Tri, Da Nang
  • Cam Ranh Khanh Hoa
  • Long Hai Vung Tau
  • Tay Ninh
  • Ben Tre, Soc Trang, Can Tho
  • Ba Vi, Ha Nam, Son La..

The design images of resort villa space in Quang Nam

The idea of ​​​​designing and building Homestay is mainly for foreign guests to rent. They love minimalism and have a relaxing outdoor space. So the adjacent duplex model for the villa building model https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/xay-nha-2-tang-gia-bao-nhieu-tien.html was born.

homestay entertainment space
Image of adjacent villa space with a corridor in the middle
Designing a homestay with a beautiful swimming pool for relaxation
A view of a modern mini garden villa
Modern resort villa
The villa model has a beautiful green space and a swimming pool to help radiate heat
Image of resort villa design for foreign guests to rent
Design ideas for resort villas in the countryside

The design of a tourist villa has an overall construction floor area of ​​550m2. The design is 10m wide, 15m long, each side has a building floor of 75m2. The construction cost of the raw part is 2.5 billion including labor. Complete the interior of the rooms. Communication system, space electricity and water and swimming pool.. about 3.4 billion under construction

The utility of the tourist villa Hoi An Homestay Mr. Tuan Quang Nam

The design of a modern 2-storey semi-detached resort villa. The surrounding landscape has open walkways and small garden landscape. In addition, there is also a Japanese grass garden, a modern villa design space with a resort duplex swimming pool

Dimensions of resort villa space

  • Large reception room
  • 1 restaurant
  • Coffee bar entertainment listening to music
  • 10 bedrooms
  • 1 swimming pool
  • 1 kitchen
  • VIP cleaning
Floor plan of Homestay style villa
Floor plan of duplex villa, design and construction for rent in Hoi An
Design a resort villa in Da Lat
Design drawing of resort villa 10x15m
2nd floor drawing of serviced apartment for resort rental
Design consultation for homestay style serviced apartment 10x15m 1 ground 2 floors Mr. Tuan

Pictures of the construction of a mini villa with a garden and a resort on the edge of Mr. Tuan’s capital

Sample Beautiful 3-storey villa There is a resort swimming pool designed almost like a mini-resort. Construction techniques on the roof make purlin trusses with tiled roofs, and also make one-way ice foundations. Here are some construction and nail art pictures. As well as building the rough part of our NEW BEAUTIFUL HOME construction company

Construction unit price of resort villa 3.3 million/m2 in 2020
Pictures of construction of a duplex resort villa on the edge of Hoi An, Quang Nam, Mr. Tuan, the rough part
Resort design and construction company
Pictures of construction of duplex villas at the foundation
Construction of Cua Dai homestay
Pictures of construction of duplex villas with rough parts of modern villas 2020
seaside resort villa
Pictures of construction of duplex villas in Cua Dai Hoi An coastal area
Construction of cheap resort villas
Update more pictures of the rough construction of the tourist villa at Cua Dai Hoi An, Mr. Tuan
Design and construction company for homestay villas in Vietnam
Another image of a beautiful modern villa construction

Some pictures of the interior of the Homestay villa inside Anh Tuan

In addition, please refer to some more pictures of the beautiful space of Homestay Hoi An 2002. Investor Mr. Tuan and Ms. Hoa, Quang Nam city

Set up to know that the mini-recorder is comfortable
Green architecture resort villa
Small landscape design of Hoi An homestay garden
Homestay furniture
Design a relaxing cafe space inside the mini homestay
Homestay interior design
The interior of the resort bedroom is a cool, open space with lots of light
Serviced apartment bedroom
Interior design of homestay mini villa serviced apartment style
Interior of mini resort villa
Another view of the interior of the family apartment
homestay bathroom
Model of bathroom in Cua Dai Anh Tuan resort villa apartment

Currently, our construction design company has about 20 photos. Full of space bedroom furniture single and other double sleeper. As well as nearly 20 photos of the completion of the construction of Hoi an homestay. In the near future, our joint stock company will update quickly in the interior design category. Or a guide to building a house because the website traffic is limited. If you upload too many pictures, it will load very slowly, hope you understand

Samples of resort villas for individual families

The design of Hoi An homestay Cua Dai Anh Tuan is an apartment model for rent. Designed for foreign professionals. Occasionally, his wife and children visit the tourist villa style. And if you need to design a family resort.

Invest in resort villas
Image of beautiful 3-storey resort villa design of Mrs Yarn’s extended family
200m2 . garden villa design
The plan of the resort villa on the 1st floor of Ms. Yar’s family 200m2
Build a resort villa
Image of construction of a resort villa on the outskirts of the city for the family of 3X of Yarn’s generation, the rough part has been completed

Here is the design resort homestay style Hoi An Quang Nam. Made by a team of architects NEW BEAUTIFUL DANANG branch. The design post on the options for your reference. Thank you, Mr. Tuan and Ms. Hoa’s family for cooperating and creating the best conditions for the company. Construction Hoi An Homestay Construction is expected to be completed in about 6 months. If you live near us, we will invite you to attend the opening day of the school according to the promotional wishes of Ms. Hoa and Mr. Tuan’s wife. Happy siblings success.!

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