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Towards homeowners who have a plot of land 4m 5m 6m wide, even 7m diagonally deep. Now, I update the beautiful 2-storey tile-roofed townhouses designed by the architect of my company. Rather than gleaning it up somewhere on the internet and then uploading it like the pages of a newspaper.

  • Model house 10×12 2 floors with tiled roof with 4 bedrooms
  • TOP 15 most beautiful 3-bedroom house designs in Vietnam
  • Beautiful 1-storey villa models with tiled roofs in the countryside

Simple two-storey house models with tiled roof today

Tile-roofed house simply means that the house models of 1 ground floor 1 floor use cheap tiles. Like about 7000 thousand VND/tablet to 10 thousand VND/tablet. Not the high-end tile lines like Fuji Japan or Dong Tam Tile, which cost about 14 to 14.5 thousand VND/piece.

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Second, simple 2-storey house models with tiled roofs have many different interpretations such as:

  • Building a reclaimed wall using a roof truss roof, not a flat roof
  • Models of townhouses with 1 ground floor and 1 floor have tiled roof facades.
  • Modern tile-roofed townhouses are only 60cm deep at the top and flat roofs behind
  • The facades of the townhouses have sonorous tile roofs that don’t shed the roof border
house 1 ground floor 1 floor tile roof 5.8m
Model of 2-storey townhouse with simple tile roof, front of townhouse 5m long, 16m long Mr. Vi has detailed drawings

Floor plan of 2-storey house with tiled roof of Mr. Vi Lang Son, horizontal 5.8x16m

So, have you understood what a simple 2-storey tile roof model is? If you do not understand, we will explain more. In addition, there are drawings of building a 2-storey pipe house with a tiled roof with 10 single foundations, also called a simple townhouse.. This is a detailed drawing of Mr. Vi’s floor plan from the perspective on the design according to feng shui par Tho, so there are That lemon yellow paint tone

Drawing of 2-storey house with tile roof 5x18m
Floor plan of the first floor of a 2-storey house with tile roof 5.8x16m 3 bedrooms 1 room worshiping Mr. Vi

Model of a modern Thai-style tiled roof townhouse with 1 ground floor and 1 floor

The model house 1 ground floor 1 floor later belongs to Mr. Vuong’s family in Dong Ha City, Quang Tri. Because our company collaborated on design and construction on land 6m long and 20m long. This modern tile-roofed townhouse has a facade of 6m and is designed with an L-shaped corridor on one side. Instead of round pillars outside and on the balcony, do European-style arches. The front of the townhouse has a tile roof of 6m and 2 floors, using square columns. This is a picture of Mr. Vuong’s simple design of a 2-storey house with 6x20m tile roof

  • Documents to build a 1-storey tiled roof house have been drawn for those who need it
Model of 2-storey house 6x20m Dong Ha
Front of 2-storey townhouse with 6m tile roof, modern Thai style

Architectural drawing of townhouse with 2 floors with 6m . frontage

The drawing of a townhouse with an L-shaped roof of 6m wide has a 29-step high staircase design on the ground floor. According to feng shui, the house for the owner of Dong Tu Trach means that the corridor is arranged on the right side. The height of the ground floor is designed to be 3.9m high and the first floor is designed to be 3.6m high. That is standard according to the architecture of modern and airy townhouses

Design drawing of a 2-storey L-shaped house with a facade of 6m
Design drawing of a 2-storey townhouse with tile roof 6x20m 3 bedrooms 1 church

Floor plan of townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor simple tile roof

A simple 2-storey house with tiled roof has an area of ​​​​100m2 x 2 floors each. If the tile roof is included, then 50% of a floor. The modern tile-roofed townhouse Mr. Vuong built on the basalt red soil in ward 5. It is recommended to build a 20cm wall with a unit price, adding momentum quite economically. This is an L-shaped 2-storey house design drawing of 6x20m with size but a bit fuzzy

Design of 2-storey townhouse 6x20m male
Design plan of 2-storey L-shaped house 6x20m on the ground floor and modern tile roof Mr. Vuong

Other beautiful tile-roofed townhouses with large and small areas

Note that when building a townhouse with a beautiful tile roof, water is drained on both sides. Architects often design the roof structure above the septum or use the gutter to collect water to the rear. The second option is around the edge of the roof to build a frame about 20cm high and then construct a smaller A-shaped tile roof in the middle of the roof. This case usually applies to the facade of the townhouse with tile roof, 4.5m to 5m wide. Typically, the construction image of Phuong and Lai’s house in Nhon Trach Dong Nai

  • Beautiful model house with 1 floor, L-shaped roof, 4 bedrooms, Mr. Hung Dat Ly
  • Beautiful model house 1 ground floor 1 floor 10x13m with Thai roof tiled by Mr. Tu
building a 3-storey tube house in front
The image of the front of the house with Thai roof roofed with 5m wide tiles, Mr. Phuong and Ms. Lai after completing the exam

The image of the facade of this beautiful 3-storey townhouse with tiled roof

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Design drawing of a 3-storey tile-roofed townhouse with a business ground floor and a kitchen behind. The first floor has 2 bedrooms and a living room on the first floor. The 2nd floor is the 3rd floor, the floor plan of a 3-storey townhouse with tiled roof design 1 worship room and 2 bedrooms. Each floor has a shared bathroom. Picture of the design of a 3-storey tube house with a 5m roof tile roof is as follows

Hurry up to be beautiful 3 and 5m tomorrow
Front of townhouse 5m 3 floors designed according to Thai roof architecture painted white, both living and doing business, Mr. Phuong and Ms. Lai

Architectural drawing of a 3-storey townhouse with beautiful modern tile roof, Mr. Sanh

In addition, please refer to the architectural drawing of a 3-storey townhouse with tile roof Mr. Sanh. That is, a house with 1 ground floor 2 floors with tiled roofs with modern tile roof facades like this image

Design model of 3-storey townhouse with beautiful semi-classical Thai roof 5x18
Model of 3-storey townhouse with modern Thai roof, beautiful semi-classical style on an area of ​​​​5x24m Mr. Sanh

Please see the details of the design of the house 5m across, 1 ground, 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 1 worship room. Design area of ​​beautiful Thai roof pipe house 5x20m built on land 5x24m. Architecture in neoclassical style. The facade of the modern townhouse is beautiful, the A-shaped roof is perpendicular, before and after, the link leads HERE

Beautiful simple modern 2-storey tile roof townhouses

Models of 2-storey houses with tiled roofs, depending on the design requirements, have an additional small tum upstairs or not. In case you build a townhouse with a terrace above, you only need the facade outside the Thai roof. More suggestions for you to grasp the model of a 2-storey house with 1 tum building area of ​​​​100m2 street front with yard. The design built for Mr. Duy’s family has just been handed over with perspective and reality

2-storey mini villa 100m2 1.7 billion VND
The cost of building a 2-storey house with a roof of 100m2 with a roof terrace, a mini-villa with 7x14m street frontage costs 1.7 billion Mr. Duy
Construction drawing of 2-storey townhouse 100m2
Floor plan of 2-storey townhouse 100m2 overall. The design leaves a spacious front and back yard for Mr. Duy’s family

You should consult the design and construction price and hand over the model of a townhouse with a frontage of 7m 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace Mr. Duy. Through the article, how much does it cost to build a 2-storey house of 100m2 in the category beautiful townhouse model of our company. This house has just been handed over in October 2019

How are beautiful 2-storey house with tile roofs built?

How to build is a question that surely you are interested in. Depending on the position of the land and the direction of the house, the year of birth, feng shui. Second financial you give about ? Has it arisen or not, is the natural ground hard or weak? Is it not convenient to build a 2-storey brick house with tile roof in a wide alley? Trapezoidal land with slanted or late bloom? Corner lot land with 1 or 2 frontage .. Brothers of our house design company will have a solution for you. This is a sample of a 2-storey townhouse with 5x15m roof tiles of Mr. Thuc. Designed according to feng shui par HOA has been completed

house 1 ground floor 1 floor tile roof 5x15m
Image of 2-storey townhouse with 5m frontage with red tile roof

Model of 2-storey house with tile roof 5x20m 4 bedrooms Mr. Duy

This is a detailed drawing to build a 2-storey house with tile roof 5m wide and 20m long, recently designed for construction. The floor plan of the tile-roofed house has 4 bedrooms. Downstairs, ground floor has 1 bedroom and upstairs has 3 bedrooms. Beautiful tile roof 2-storey house plan designed for Mr. Truong Cong Bao Duy. Please refer to the floor plan and perspective

2-storey house with tile roof 4 bedrooms 5x20m
Beautiful 2-storey house model 5x20m Thai roof with tiled roof Mr. Truong Cong Bao Duy Binh Duong
Floor plan of townhouse with tile roof 5x20m 4 bedrooms
Ground floor plan of house 1 ground floor 1 floor 5x20m Mr. Duy, Long Khanh city
building a house 5x20m in long Khanh
Floor plan 2 floors with tile roof 4 bedrooms 1 worship room 5x20m Mr. Duy

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See more beautiful 2 3 4 storey house models with flat roofs in our company’s other townhouse design categories HERE to learn more drawings and modern smart layouts

Models of 3-storey tube houses with beautiful tiled roofs have just been updated

By the way, the construction company BEAUTIFUL NEW HOME we have updated recently with beautiful 2 3 storey tile roof models with different horizontal areas. Note that all these modern tiled roof houses are copyright of our company. Note that newspapers are not allowed to arbitrarily remove images of logos anymore.

Beautiful French neoclassical townhouse 5.5m 3 floors
The latest 2019 beautiful townhouse image of Mr. Nguyen Nhu Ly’s family

French neoclassical townhouse with beautiful tile roof, Uncle Minh

These are European-style 3-storey townhouses. Tile roof architecture for neoclassical street plots. You can refer to the types of houses with soft facades. For the neoclassical street style, see the article below

  • 15+ European style neoclassical houses with 3 floors or more
The most beautiful classic 3-storey tube house in Vietnam
A beautiful 3-storey neoclassical lot in 2021 to choose from

Model house 5x20m 3 floors classic style Thai Anh Bang roof

Facade of beautiful 3-storey tube house 5m
Townhouse frontage 5m 3 floors French neoclassical Mr. Bang
dental space 5x20 1
Floor plan of townhouse with beautiful tiled roof in Anh Bang’s neoclassical style 5x20m 1st floor
Hurry up, Thai cheese is beautiful 3 tang Rong 5m model 9080
Model of a beautiful Thai roof townhouse 1 ground 2 floors with semi-classical terrace Mr. Bien Ms. Thao Bien Hoa 5x22m with tiled roof
Hurry up and design it, it's beautiful!
A 3D perspective image of an L-shaped 2-storey townhouse with tiled roofs of Ms. Hue in Thanh Hoa, 5.5m before, after 7m, built in 2016 and finished.

Drawing of house with 2 facades 6x18m with garage Ms. Thuy

Hurry up and make a beautiful 2nd day of pregnancy 6m dep 2016
Simple 2-storey tile-roofed townhouse model with 2 frontages of 6x18m with a garage behind Ms. Thuy
Have you visited Thai cheese 2 tang 2 mat money 6x18 01
Ground floor townhouse with 6x18m tile roof, 2 floors with Ms. Thuy’s garage

Above are beautiful 2-storey tile-roofed townhouses that are both simple and modern in design. There are also semi-classical models of townhouses with tiled roofs, 1 ground and 2 floors. We only updated a few models of houses 5m 6m 7m across the street. Mainly for your reference. It’s not like talking about townhouses with tile roofs, but uploading all the villa models from 8m to 10m across. Where do you get the street land from so many huge tile-roofed houses. Please pay close attention. See more construction articles beautiful house 2 floors 7m and 8m wide, different from our tiled roof mini-villa

In addition, you should see other simple 2-storey tube houses with flat roofs. Sometimes you change due to a narrower cost. Connect 0975 945 433 to send more beautiful tile roof townhouses at your request

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