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Xem mẫu nhà chữ L 3 tầng hiện đại đẹp năm 2021

You are looking for a model of a mini garden villa built on square land. Then maybe Tiep’s modern 3-storey L-shaped house model below. Highly meet the needs of building beautiful houses in European style, both literally and figuratively for 2021

Picture of a modern, neoclassical 3-storey L-shaped house with Japanese roof

Besides consulting to build a 3-storey L-shaped house with Thai roof, the depth of land is 7m 8m wide. Depending on your preferences and finances, the square land is 10×14 horizontal, short street surface depth. As of Tiep’s family, the financial situation is quite good, built in 2021. He and his wife want to own an L-shaped garden house with 1 ground floor 2 floors and terrace. European-style 3-storey mini villa architecture. For him and his wife and family, only 3 bedrooms are enough. In it, you need a spacious reception space on the ground floor. In addition, Tiep & Lanh need a spacious bedroom. Get plenty of light so that it’s reasonable and doesn’t violate feng shui

  • The project of building a house with a frontage of 10m, a depth of 14m, of the overall street
  • The style of the mini villa neoclassical feng shui 2021
  • Investor: Mr. Tiep, Ms. Lanh
  • Drawing size 9×13
  • European style L-shaped 3-storey house
  • Year of construction design: 2021
  • Feng shui to build a house facing the South and visit the West – Year of birth 1967 – Menh Thuy
House 1 ground 2 floors square terrace
Beautiful modern 3-storey L-shaped house, built on square land according to feng shui southwest direction

Advice on building a 9m horizontal L-shaped house feng shui construction 2021

Note the beautiful 3-storey L-shaped house model optimally according to Southwest feng shui. Paint color designed according to the destiny of mutual birth – Thien Ha Thuy. According to the year of birth Dinh Mui 1967 of owner Tiep Tiep. However, if you are suitable for a beautiful L-shaped house facing East or South. Even the Southeast, change the corridor to the other side to suit the feng shui to build a beautiful L-shaped house in 2021. Typically, the 5-bedroom house model in the hometown of the pariah people. The design direction of the house in the Southeast with a 2-storey Thai roof 1 tum by Mr. Hieu

Earnings 2.5, 5, 5, 1, 5
Facade to build a 2.5-storey villa with a width of 10m, beautiful L-shaped with 5 bedrooms, 1 worship room built on land 12m wide

See the drawing of a modern 5-bedroom 2-storey garden house with 5 bedrooms for Mr. Hieu’s family of many members. The architecture of a 2.5-storey L-shaped villa with tiled roofs in the countryside has been completed TAI HERE if your family is large

See a model of a 3-storey L-shaped house in the countryside par Tho with flat roof

Also if the land is large in the countryside. Just build a house with 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 small terrace. There is a dark paint color corresponding to the Earth or Fire par. The construction size of Mr. Phan’s house below is 8×14.5m, if you think it’s ok, click to see the consulting drawing to build a beautiful house in 2021. The design plan of the 1st floor has 1 bedroom and the 2nd floor has 3 spacious and comfortable bedrooms. roof. Click HERE to see this feng shui 2-storey flat roof house model

Model of 2-storey tube house in the countryside
The facade of the modern tube house is 8m wide, the upper 2 floors have an additional small tum built on a large land in the countryside of Phan Thiet

Floor plan of a modern 3-storey L-shaped house facing south and west

Back to the detailed design of the beautiful 3-storey L-shaped square house, Tiep on the top according to the perspective. To help you learn how to arrange the interior size space. And the floor area for construction of 3 floors of modern neoclassical L-shaped house. From there, shape the optimal idea of ​​this modern 3-storey Japanese tiled house

  • Construction area of ​​1st floor: 102m2
  • Construction floor area of ​​the first floor is over 110m2
  • 3rd floor construction area: 96m2
  • Structure of ice foundation + attic floor: 100m2
  • Total construction floor area: 408m2
Floor plan of L-shaped house 9x13m 3 floors
Dimensional drawing of a 3-storey L-shaped house facing South and West of Tiep’s family on the ground floor with a large living room on the left side

Floor plan of modern 3-storey L-shaped house with construction size 110m2

The method of structuring the living room structure inside the beautiful 3-storey modern L-shaped house with the toilet above connecting to the toilet room on the first floor. The peculiarity of such design drawings is to save money. plumbing area. Second, the operation is also easy. The most important thing is when bathing and washing upstairs, the water flows into the septic tank but still can’t hear the sound. When Tiep brothers and sisters lay down to rest, still quiet. In case you need an extra large master bedroom with a self-contained WC on the first floor, the ground below can still be arranged. The size of the 2nd floor construction is 110m2 because there are additional balconies 1 and 2 as shown in the picture

Drawing of 3-storey mini villa 9x13m
The layout of a modern L-shaped house on the first floor has 2 bedrooms for children and a large common room

The upper drawing of a beautiful L-shaped house 9x13m

The top floor of the L-shaped house with a facade of 10m 3 floors is designed for a worship room. This is the center of outdoor activities for the whole family. The left side is a place to relax and enjoy the cool breeze from the south. You can even customize this place into a yoga or gym place. Or arrange a tea table to receive guests. Behind the beautiful model house 2021 has a laundry room and a small roof opening. Leave on the roof to handle when the solar water tank is broken in the attic after the right angle.

The design of a 9m 3-storey house with the letter L
3rd floor plan beautiful L-shaped house 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace with construction size 90m2

The cost of building a beautiful modern European-style 3-storey L-shaped house 2021

In order to help you see a model of a modern 3-storey mini villa built in 2021. Even in early 2022, build a neoclassical L-shaped house with a beautiful facade. As the architectural drawing of a 3-storey L-shaped European-style square house, Mr. Tiep. I temporarily calculate the average size of each floor of the mini villa 100m2 x 3 floors. Adding the ice foundation and the attic floor means 100% of 1 more floor. So about 400m2. The construction unit price of our company is as follows:

  • Unit price of raw construction: 3.4 million/m2
  • Turnkey finishing unit price: 5.8 million/m2 including interior
price of building 3-storey mini villa in 2021
The most beautiful modern 3-storey L-shaped house in Vietnam with Japanese-style roof tiles of 100m2, neoclassical mini-villa style with European-style terrace in 2021

Note that the unit price for building a 3-storey L-shaped mini-villas does not include fences. Or tiling, miniature works or gates. I send more perspective of L-shaped house model 1 ground floor 2 floors terrace 100m2 Mr. Tiep. Perspective has a spacious main gate with cast aluminum material to match the exterior. If you have a bit of money to spare, invest more, or make cheap art iron gates. That does not include the gate yard and fence. To own a 3-storey mini villa with a frontage of 10m x 14m, the overall campus is as shown. This year, you have to prepare about 2 billion to prepare.

See construction drawings of 2 or 3 storey L-shaped houses with different designs

In general, depending on the financial investment plan and feng shui land position. When listening to your earnest wishes. Go to the actual land survey. The architect of my company will advise to build a beautiful three-storey European-style L-shaped villa of 2.5 billion to 3 billion. Or a 2-storey flat roof house with about 2 billion mini villas built in a package. If the cost is less than 2 billion, then build a 3-storey L-shaped roof house of Mr. Hung as shown in the picture.

Model L-shaped 3-storey house with 9m wide roof, simple and cheap, need construction details, see below of Mr. Hung’s house

  • Need a drawing to build a house with a width of 9m with a roof of about 80 to 85m2 as shown in the picture, please click to see

Drawings of L-shaped house 1 ground floor level 4 built tile roof

In addition to the drawing to build a 2 3 storey house above, if you need to build a 1 storey house. Or a level 4 house with a width of 10m with a Thai roof, refer to the drawing of an L-shaped house that costs about 1 billion to return. Or have relatives and friends introduce them to help me. I thank you

  • Model L-shaped house 1 floor 10m wide with swimming pool by poet Dang Thai Mai
  • Drawing of a 4-level Japanese house with a garage on the right of Mr. Binh
  • If you need a drawing to build a simple horizontal L-shaped house at level 4, see Uncle Quan’s house
  • Models of roof terrace houses with 1 storey garden 10m wide in the countryside

Models of 2-storey houses and 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace L-shaped

By the way, I also introduce samples of L-shaped 2-storey houses from 85m2 to 100m2. As well as tube houses with 1 ground floor 1 floor, 6m 7m across. Even she is a 2-storey house with an open space with different facade decoration like Trinh’s house. Click to see Trinh’s house and choose as shown below

3-storey mini villa with flat roof 7x13m
3-storey L-shaped townhouse, area 7x13m, modern facade, Ms. Trinh

And below is a 7×14 house, and Mr. Tam also built an L-shaped 2-panel Bang roof. CLICK HERE to see more about this L-shaped L-shaped drawing of the house 1 ground floor 1 floor 1 terrace

Mini villa with modern architecture and garden 100m2
Picture of a modern European-style 3-storey villa with a garden of 100m2

Beautiful 3-storey L-shaped townhouses designed in the past time

And the picture below is Ms. Hong’s simple but beautiful and airy 2-and-a-half-storey L-shaped house with Thai roof. If you like the picture below, click here to see more

Beautiful house
Drawing of a 3-storey house with L-shaped roof with terrace in the countryside of Ms. Hong

Below is a model of a 3-storey old house in Hanoi for the people of the Hoa par. If you like L-shaped ancient architecture, then see Mr. CUSTOMER’s house to discover more 7×18 style with construction size 2021.

Beautiful villa 1 ground floor 2 floors 7m
Model of a 3-storey townhouse with a frontage of 7m wide, mini L-shaped, airy, Mr. Guest
  • Refer to the drawing of a 2-storey house of 120m2 with 4 modern bedrooms, Japanese roof, 2 fronts Mr. Son
  • Design drawings of 2-storey L-shaped house with Thai roof 1 billion VND

Actually, when it comes to the types of 2-storey L-shaped garden houses, my company has no less than 500 different profiles. Optimizing according to different finances. In addition, if the land is 6m to 9m wide, there are beautiful l-shaped 2-storey houses with terraces. Design for beautiful townhouse villas with corridors and ways to get light for the living room. Just make the exit and decorate the landscape. You can see more 1 billion homes on the link above. Need advice, call 0975 945 433 to send more beautiful models and according to your age, feng shui house direction, and paint color. Thank you very much.!

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